Monday, August 20, 2012

EEk has it really been over a year?

Wow, my last post was over a year ago. I probably lost all my followers!! If some of you are still around, I hope you are all doing well....I'm off to check out everyone's sites!! I just got back from an amazing weekend in BC at HalyconHot Springs It was so relaxing there I didn't want to leave.
This was a beach my husband and I came across while hiking at the resort. The whole weekend not one person came down to this beach, it was just ours!! We did try to find a "natural hot spring" with no luck, next time we need a truck, my car doesn't like to go 4x4ing. Here is a few photos from the weekend.


wonderchris said...

Incredible pictures!

Mike said...

And I just happened to be checking blogs for the first time in ages. Nice to see you.