Thursday, August 26, 2010

True Story and Oh So Funny!!

I have an extremely funny story for you, seriously, it will make you laugh. Feel free to tell others, they will laugh.....

A friend of mine works with disabled adults like I do, the other day she told me a story about her client and I had to share, because honestly I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time!!!
Her client needs 24hr care, which is split into three 8 hr shifts. The young man is allowed to be left alone for 3 hours a day, so each shift gets an hour break. While my friend was on her break she received a phone call from her client. He was very excited and told her that he had caught a Hobbit (I'm sure most people know what a hobbit is, if for some reason you don't, it's the little dwarf like people from Lord Of The Rings) anyways he was hollering and very happy about finding a Hobbit!
So she was a little concerned and decided to head home. When she arrived back at the house he was in the doorway jumping up and down rubbing his hands together squealing "I caught a Hobbit! I caught a Hobbit!"
She followed him down the hallway to a closet door......wait for it.......
He opened the door and inside was a very terrified midget!!! I kid you not!
It was a Jehovah witness, that happened to be a midget, that had come to the door. Her client had seen the man, figuring he was a hobbit and dragged him down the hallways and locked him in a closet. After the police were called the man said he would not press charges, the police officer was trying his hardest not to laugh, as the young man kept jumping up and down waving at the midget yelling "Hi Hobbit" and "That's my Hobbit"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A weekend at the lake

This past weekend my family went to the lake. The weather was beautiful!!! (see picture below)

After we got the boat all covered and ran for cover the rain slowed a little. Luckily we had a cabin for the weekend because the weather pretty much stayed the same.

When there was a break in the clouds my husband and a friend of ours took the boys out in the boat. The lake was extremely shallow. At one point the depth finder went from 12 feet to 1 foot in a matter of seconds, sadly not long enough to raise the prop. So you ask, what happens when the lake is only one foot deep and did I mention there was a large boulder on the bottom.......(see picture below)

Thankfully we had another prop. After the boating incident my hubby was getting something from the truck, before locking the truck he checked his pocket. yup keys are there, so he locked the truck up. DOH! that would be the boat keys in his pocket, now we were locked out of the truck. (See picture below)

Eventually we did see the sun, so we went out for another boat ride, carefully this time. Here is a cool shot of the lake I got.

Just when I thought nothing else bad could happen.... I got stung in the face by a wasp! Nice! (No picture)

All and all it was an eventful trip, it wasn't all bad though, we were there with great friends and made the best of our rainy weekend. Here are a few other shots I got.

I'm really going to try harder to start blogging more often, I am going to start tomorrow by going to visit everyones blogs and see what you have all been up to.