Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The first rule of fight club is...........


Totally forgot it was Tuesday so here is some randomness for you, today while I was inside I looked out the window and saw my daughter "playing" with a boy from down the street. As a mother I wanted to run outside and scream "That's enough, break it up", but as a blogger I grabbed my camera instead, and here's what I got

I love the way my son is casually playing with his yo yo while his sister gets down to business.

You are going down mister!!!!!!!

Take that Wench!!!!

Dude, I think you broke my nose. Notice how the boy is still just playing with his yo-yo

Lastly this picture has nothing to do with the above, but It was too funny, I was trying to snap a quick picture of my dog, and got this, don't think I could have gotten this shot if I had tried. lol


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Create your caption Round 2!!!

So this weekend was pretty much useless..... Since my knee looks like a football there is not too much I can do. Saturday I lazed around doing nothing and today I had to take my 1st aid course because it has been 3 years. So like I said not too much excitement, I did however capture this great photo. This one is of my aquarium, as soon as I saw this picture the first thing that came to my mind was......OH SHIT!!!! click on the picture to see it full size, to really capture the feeling in that poor little bugger!!
So what do you think...................

Also just had to throw this one in. My husband went to Costco Saturday to get some steaks for dinner tonight, so I took this shot of my daughter.

That's my sweet little carnivore. I realized I need to take some more pictures of my son, but seeing how he is an active 9 year old boy, he is never home.....
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fish Floors and bleeding Knees

Ok, so I am finding it really hard to blog every day, now that I am working 5 days a week. Then when I sit down in front of my computer I suffer from brain farts(that's where any thought or idea just releases leaving me with nothing!)
Well the floor is finally finished, it looks amazing the only problem is I don't have new furniture to put in there, and I am not entirely happy with the stuff I have, so until I can find a slip cover I like for my furniture it remains empty....pretty, but empty

On to sadder topics, we merged our 2 55 gallon aquariums into one, so now the sucker fish and the oscar live together, so far they are happy. Now we set up an aquarium with all the smaller fish (who whould have been turks snack) in our sons room. Only problem is one of those fish is a nasty stinky mutant growing goldfish. Which ate 2 of my kids fish. So we put him in with the big guys.....so far he has survived!

Lastly my bleeding knee. about 18 months ago I had knee surgery after a sist ruptured in my knee, during this time It felt like cold water was dripping down my leg....not so pleasant, the Dr informed me that feeling was bleeding inside my leg. because of our lovely medical system it would have been 6 months to see the specialist and 6 months after that for surgery. So after handing them over almost $3000 I was booked the next week. Yada, Yada, Yada. Skip ahead to yesterday, I was just starting an 8 hour shift when I noticed my knee was starting to hurt. Then I got that damn icy water feeling again. So my shift last night sucked, now tonight I have another 8 hour shift and it looks like there is an orange size lump developing over my knee cap....sympathy...hell ya!!!! sniff, sniff.

One last note 2 conversations with my children

First while watching the Play offs (Go Vancouver!!!) with my daughter a player from St Louis was given a penalty
Mik: what just happened?
Me: He got a penalty for hitting one of our players
Mik: If he tries to hit another one of our guys I am going to march down there and kick him in the crotch!
Me: that's my girl

The next conversation is with my 9 year old son, I had just picked him up from his friends( a child with no parental limitations I am learning)
Dakoda: Oh I guess I can tell you what we were playing at the park cause you won't be scared, but Mikayla would be
Me: what?
Dakoda: We were pretending we had chainsaws and were ripping up zombies backs
Me: nice. please don't ever repeat that to your sister
Dakoda: And we were playing pretend Grand Theft Auto....but with out the sexual content
Me: You need to shut up now because I don't even know how to respond to that!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Camera Critters,butterflys,spiders and a biting bug

Camera Critters

Today's camera critters is all about bugs. These shots were taken in my front yard last year!

This butterfly shot is still one of my favorite pictures!!!

I love this spider because he looks like he has a happy face on his belly! These guys are all over my front yard in the cedars.

We found this creepy little guy in the yard, my husband was holding it while I got the picture, if you look closely you can see it is biting him!

Friday, April 17, 2009

1st Friday Lateral thinking challange!!

So I did a blog about these lateral thinking puzzles my son got for Christmas last year, little riddles that you have to figure out the anwsers to. Now some of them are boring, but some are oddly inappropriate for a 9 year old....at least I think. So what better place to share them, than on my blog!! I did think about this around Christmas time, but back then I only had 2 followers Mama Dawg and my Brother Captain Dumbass!! So now I will share them with you! I will post them on Friday then give you the answer on Monday morning. So get your brains ready, and be creative these things are twisted, so no matter what your thinking it could be right!

If you can't read it, here is what it says
Charlie was always told by his parents never to open the door of the cellar under any conditions or he would see all sorts of things he wasn't supposed to see. One day, Charlie heard his parents leave the house. Knowing the cellar door to be unlocked he couldn't resist opening it out of curiosity.
What did he see?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

renovating,easter eggs, Gramma killed the Easter Bunny!


Good Morning, time again for Random Tuesday Thoughts. Head over to the unmom to join in on the fun!
So my house is a disaster area right now due to renovating, I have half my book collection spread out across my kitchen counters and a 6ft tall book shelf right in the middle of the kitchen,which is now being used to store stuff. Anyhow while we were planning on redoing the living room floor I got the bright idea to paint my daughters room. So she and all her clothes,bed,toys have been relocated into her brothers room. I was hoping to have her back in her room by today, but haven't even started painting yet!!!
Someone on our street had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard so we wandered down there. I had to laugh as my daughter ran as fast as she could scooped up eggs screaming "We are winning, Dakoda, we're winning!!!!" I had to politely remind her that it was not a competition!
Sunday night we went to my mother in laws for dinner. As we were sitting down to eat my mother in law was handing out napkins for dinner(which happened to be red) so she looks at my daughter and says "They are red because I killed the Easter bunny"
Well this might of been funny if the person she was telling it to didn't still believe in the Easter bunny!!! My daughter stared at her for a moment with a shocked confused face, til gramma started laughing and telling her she was kidding...so not funny! Then later while they were dancing in the living room...

Gramma: shake your boobies
Me: WTF? What the hell did you just say to my daughter
Gramma: You know, shake your boobies....like the song!
Me: What song are you talking about?
Gramma: You know, shake,shake,shake, shake your boobies!
Me: ummmm that would be shake your BOOTY!!!!!

Monday we went to the wildlife park, when we got there it was hailing, seriously hail in April? Whatever. It stopped shortly after, so all and all it was a good day. Here are some Easter Weekend photos

Here's a picture of the kids at the Wildlife Park in the hail!

The family at Easter Dinner!

My daughter with all the Easter loot, and she had her face painted at the Wildlife Park!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camera Critters!!!

Camera Critters

I found a new cool site called Camera Critters which is awesome because I love taking pictures of animals. This is my first CC Blog so I thought I would share my lovely little beasts I call pets!!!

First up is my yellow lab Montana, he is 6 years old and he loves his stuffed animals!

Next up is my kitty Shamu, who just turned a year old.

And last but not least is my baby Turk, who is a 3 year old oscar that is now over a foot long. Here is a picture of him having a snack!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Easter weekend

Why is it every time there is a long weekend we start ridiculously enormous projects around the house? This weekend it was putting in hardwood floor in the living room. Seems somewhat simple enough right? Wrong! We have a 55 gallon aquarium in the living room that was built into the wall, and goes down to the floor. So the tank had to be removed so the whole floor could be done, in that tank lives my oscar, Turk who is over a foot long.

Now in another room we have two 45 gallon aquariums on a stand, one is empty but the other held a few small fish and a large Pleco named "Sucka" who also is over a foot long

So I found a small 10 gallon aqaurium and set it up in my sons room and put all the small fish in there. Then we decided to put Turk and Sucka together in 1 tank. Now seeing how the 55 gallon one is the biggest that is the one we chose. Small problem it was built into the wall on it's own stand, and the stands holding the 45 gallon tanks was not big enough. hmmmmm. So I went out today( did I mention that I am deathly ill, yes my throat feels like there are little demons inside it all with little razor blades for fingers and they are all simultaneously scratching my throat trying to tear their way out) And no I am not being dramatic, it freaking hurts people. I got a sore throat on Tuesday, by Wednesday I had completely lost my voice, which if any of you out there are parents, which most of you are, you know that sucks!! How the hell do you yell at your husband and children. Seriously when I talk this squeaky scratchy sound comes out. Ok where the hell was I going with this?????
Right, I went out to get an aquarium stand, then my husband gives me a hundred other things to get at Walfart while I am there. grrrrrr. So Of course Walfart is infested with people trying to save a buck and grab all the "Easter bunny" shit 2 days before Easter. They have no aquarium stands that big. of course not! So it's off to petland after I body checked and verbally abused my way through the store(did I mention I hate Walmart?) I headed off to Pet land to pay $300 for a fish stand!
So I get back home, with happy children, bought them a Wii game for Easter because their Gramma had already bought them some chocolate. Have you ever tried to remove ginormous fish from a tank...not so easy. We have this double sided garbage can, one side is for garbage the other recycling, that is the only thing big enough we could find to contain these beasts. So after 5 hours of draining water,cleaning filters,rocks,ect they were ready for their new home! Hopefully they don't tear each other to shreds. I'll post a picture of their new tank soon. Now it's back to the living room floor(have pics when it's done) and I also have to paint all the bedrooms.......

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring is in the air Random Tuesdsay Thoughts

Super Cat and Super Alien 1 year later ( see side of blog for last years shot!)

It's so nice to finally be able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air!!! At least until the mosquito's come out. So I really don't have to much to write , but I do have some great pictures of us enjoying Spring!!!

Kinda hard to see the 5 little birds sitting on the fence, waiting for us to go inside so they can ransack the birdhouse.

For the last 6 months or so we have had deer living across the street, they hang out in the orchard.

Here is a picture of one of my lilac bushes that is in bloom!!! I love the smell when they come out.

Here's a picture of my little ninja's enjoying time in the back yard

Here's Montana waiting for his ball to be thrown, love the little sneer!

And finally Mikayla blasting her brother across the lawn!

So I cheated a little, I did do this blog last night but thought, crap, If people read my RTT they might just skip this blog I made last night. So Two birds with one stone? I think so! Now if only my throat didn't feel like I swallowed a bag of razor blades, it probably would be an awesome day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I feel like a part of me has died........sniff sniff

Yesterday while I was working on my blog, and I was using a video program to edit my video, my computer froze. No prob I thought, I just rebooted it......hmmmm still not working, little bit of panic setting in. It was only 9am, my husband (the tech guy) wouldn't be home til 5. That's ok, I can go the day without my laptop. So that night when I got home from work around 8:30pm, I ran into the house with hopeful thoughts.
Me: Did you fix my baby?
Hubby: Hmm no can't figure out what's wrong
Me: I don't understand, what's the matter with her????
Hubby: Dunno (obviously he is not as attached to the laptop as I am)
Me: When will you know?????
Hubby : Dunno
Me: What about all my stuff on there?
Hubby: AGAIN DUNNO!!!!!
At this point I am trying to keep some sort of composure because my son is still awake and looking at me like I am a little crazy.
Me: But It's Thursday night! I need to download my shows. And what about my pictures and videos and and and....*small sobs*
Hubby: Use the main computer
Me *stomping my foot like a 5 year old* I don't like that stupid computer
Hubby is now trying his hardest to ignore me.
So at this point I realize that I am not going to have my laptop this evening, but I really want to watch the last episode of ER. So I unhappily sulk my way into the TV room, and sit my self on the couch. Now since we don't watch TV in there anymore the dog has taken over the room.
Montana(my dog): What are you doing here?
Me: My stupid laptop is broken and it's stupid and now I have to watch stupid TV in here.
Montana: settle down lady, you can't watch TV on your tiny laptop so you have to watch it on the flat screen TV you bought right before you decided to not watch Cable
ME: Shut up or your going outside
Montana: I'm just saying........
Me: I hate stupid Cable, with it's stupid commercials and this couch sucks
Montana: Whatever it works for me. So what are we watching?
Me: The last episode of ER
Montana: That show is still on? I stopped watching it when they killed off Dr. Green, eh whatever.
Me: Move over you can't have the whole couch
Montana: sigh.........