Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saddest dog ever!!

My dog Montana was not allowed in the living room at this time, and he so badly wanted to go play with My husband and the kids, I think this is the saddest sound out of a dog ever!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the "Eye of the tiger" showdown.........

Deady snacks at bedtime!!!


Head over to Keely's and grab the button and join in on the fun (wow thanks for the long distance call for the help on that Captain) sometimes my brain forgets things........

Ok, so ever Monday night I start thinking....hmmm what Random insight can I bring to my blogging friends tomorrow, and then something always happens. Fate? Coincidence? Or Do I just bring this stuff on myself?

Last night around 10pm I was a little hungry so I headed over to the pantry for something to eat. I found a box of pop tarts in the back and thought.....ohhh healthy and tasty. right? well I put it in the toaster and figured I had a few minutes to spare so I decided to empty the dishwasher. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Turns out those little fuckers(excuse the language my have a new found hate for poptarts) get damn hot. So I grab the thing out of the toaster and I am instantly attacked with nuclear hot blueberry filling! It squishes out of one of the tiny holes and blasts my thumb. DAMN! SON OF B&^%$#,MOTHER FU#@$%!!!!! Are just some of the words that are erupting from my mouth. So I run over to the sink figuring I can just run it under some cold water for a minute....... Not so much. Almost 2 hours melting ice cubes on my thumb and a couple Tylenol was what did the trick. Now I don't want people to think I am a wuss, but seriously people, I counted on the clock, the seconds, yes seconds I had after I removed the ice before the intense burning was to much, 21 seconds. At least I had the Thursday night line up(TV) still on my lap top so that kept me occupied til the burning stopped!!

I know the burn looks small, but Damn!

On another note, my son brought home his report card, 2 A's 5 B's and a C+. So he got his Birthday present early. A new skateboard. The cool thing was they only had 2 boards in the store at the time so the guy gave me a $250 board for $150 because there wasn't much to choose from.....SWEET!

Sometimes my kids love to have their pictures taken sometimes they don't, guess which day was today??????

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video from the past!

I don't have anything to say this weekend, but I do have a few videos I wanted to share. One is of my daughter, this was taken a few years ago.

I did have another video but for some reason it's not letting me post it, so the one of my daughter will have to do for now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blair Witch or friendly neighbor?and a creepy photo guy!!

Have you seen the Blair Witch project? A shaky low budget film from back in 1999? Anyways even if you didn't see if you probably heard of it, 3 people, lost in the woods, tormented by a ghost, yada yada yada. Well If you didn't see it, in the morning when the people woke up there were little piles of sticks outside their tent, creepy little things left by the witch. Yesterday morning I woke up and went to check the mailbox and there on my front door step........................

Now I have to take into consideration that I am not in the back woods of Burkittsville, Maryland but a city in BC, and it was pussy willows *giggle giggle* not bunches of sticks, but still, I like to let my imagination get the best of me. So if that wasn't weird enough .......
Today I was talking to my friend( Ya you Cheryl) on the telephone and I saw this guy walking around outside acting strangely, he would walk a few steps then crouch down really low and start taking pictures of the road,gravel,the grass, ect. So of course I had to get my camera out and snap a photo of the guy, cause hey, thats what I do!

So here is a photo of the guy across the street from my house taking a picture of some extremely interesting dead yellow grass. So I decided to snap one more picture, but as I looked through my view finder and took the shot, this is what I got

The freak was taking a picture of my house WTF?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Disco guy,Mullets and Stalkers!!


This is my second week and again it will be about my kids, because hey, they give me almost all my material.
So on Sunday my daughter was playing on the computer, she jumped off the chair to run into the living room not knowing her foot was caught up in her pant leg. DOH! so I ran over and sat her down on the couch to check for blood,broken bones, or any other problems. She is screaming,crying and then all of a sudden she breaks into hysterical laughter and can't stop. So of course I think she has hit her head. So I ask her what she is laughing at.
Me: Are you ok, what's the matter?
Mik: I'm just thinking of Disco guy.*laughter*
Me: Disco guy, what the heck are you talking about?Did you hit your head?
Mik: No *laughter* disco guy *crazy laughter * from the bus stop
Me: I don't understand?
Mik *laughter* There was a disco guy at the bus stop who gave a thumbs up to the bus driver then did a little dance * more crazy laughter*
Me: Ok......
Mik: I just think of him whenever I am sad or hurt and he makes me laugh!
Me: Whatever works for ya!
Then she is off running and the fall is forgotten.

Then onto my son. He is obsessed with his hair, he wants to try new things with it. Unfortunately he has inherited my semi afro like hair. You know the kind that grows out before it grows down. So last week he wanted to shave his head except for his bangs........ummmm No
Then he wanted to grow it long, I tried to explain to him that his hair just won't do that. Now this week he has been talking about a mullet!!! AHHHHHHHH What's a mom to do!!

Also I have a friend who is a blog stalker......you know I am talking about you C. She needs to get on board and start blogging!!!! stalker!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Is Spring really here....or another cruel joke from Mother Nature

This morning it is a balmy -4 C ( 25F)but it is supposed to reach 12C(58F) today. Is spring actually going to show up???? This weekend we got the kiddies out for some fresh air down to the beach by our house, and yes a body did wash up on the shore recently but hey what can you do? It was gone by the time we got there.
The kids getting some air time!
Montana waiting patiently for the ball to be thrown

Then Sunday it was off to the skate park with my son, we had to be there at 9am because the place gets filled with kids fast, and my son is just learning and it's pretty hard with 20-30 teenagers around.
Here's the boy doing a 1 wheel manual(as he informs me)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Create your own caption!!!

So It's Friday, I am off to the chiropractor for the 2nd time this week!!! anyways I don't have anything to say, but I did however find this great picture of my kids from about 6 years back, this one always makes me laugh!! So I thought I would let you come up with your own caption!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts. Manboobs and Sperm?


Yay, I decided to join Random Tuesday Thoughts!! I am slowly moving up in the world of blogging, if it wasn't for my brother Captain Dumbass I would be lost, I am constantly emailing him asking him blogging questions so the bloggers of the world don't know that I know nothing about it....oops I guess they do now. So even though he says mean things about me on his blog he has been very helpful. So Random thoughts hmmmmmm. Here's one. Yesterday while I was getting a coffee at Tim Hortons my daughter was commenting on a picture of a man without a shirt, saying that it was gross that you could see his boobs, to which I replied "men don't have boobs so it's ok if their shirts are off." At this point my son asks me "Well what are manboobs then?" Ummm ok, some men do have boobs I guess, but it's not the same thing.......To which he replied "I'm never gone have manboobs"
Man I love my conversations with my kids, for example a while back while at the dinner table we were discussing babies. My daughter told me that she was going to have a baby, to which I replied "Uhhh maybe when your like 30!!!!!!" And then my dear son pipes up "Yay, and you can't have a baby cause you don't have sperm!!!" Could we please not talk about sperm at the dinner table? I guess it's time for "the talk".
I am lost right now, I got home from a vacation and headed upstairs to have a workout on my beloved Wii fit, I was looking forward to seeing my trainer. So I hopped on and it told me to stop figiting and try again.. What??? I am not moving you idiot!! So I stepped off and got back on and stood as still as possible....again it told me to stop figiting, which at this point I am starting to get angry...... apperantly while I was away it some how managed to get broken. Now I am completely lost, I loved my Wii fit. What am I to do?????? Will Nintendo give me a new one? or am I screwed and have to go back to working out the old fashion way, trying to do yoga poses while craning my neck to see if the pose is right on my computer! AGHHHHHHH
Is that Random enough?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A house full of Dumbass's

Captain Dumbass that is( Us and Them,) and his clan. They arrived on Friday, after hours of driving and the littlest dumbass getting angry at the captain for apparently not driving at the speed of sound to get here fast enough!!! We had some good times, a few tears, one of my favorite moments was when the littlest dumbass pointed a spaceship he created at my husband and pretended to shoot him, now my husband, forgeting he was dealing with a 3 year old thought he would be funny and ripped off the gun off his spaceship(made from connects, building toys) Well that was it, Little dumbass threw the ship to the ground and pointed his tiny little finger at my husband and shouted "I don't like you, you broke my gun." Now the rest of us were trying to contain our giggles, as the little dumbass verbally abused my husband in a rage of tears, yelling that it was not funny!!!!!
Then later in a quieter moment the little dumbass climbed up on my lap and told me he loved me, and he loved the star wars spaceship I got him, then he proceeded to fart on my leg....gotta love kids.

Here is a picture of Captain Dumbass, the little dumbass's and my 2 kids, in one of the only quiet moments.
All and all we had a great time, dinner for 12 on Friday night and dinner for 13 on Saturday night, only thing missing was my dad who couldn't make it it. It was fun sitting around with my brothers and scaring our significant others with our disturbing,amazing,sometimes terrifying childhood memories........it's stories like these we release in small doses......we don't want to scare them off!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 6 Swimming with the Dolphins

Day 6 Swimming with the Dolphins

This morning started out as an early one, we had to be in the lobby at 7:30am....eek, but well worth it. It was about a 45 minute drive to get to the place. My husband and I went at different times so we could take pictures. My hubby went first, I couldn't wait for my turn.
First you got in the water and the dolphins swam around you, so you could pet them. Sometimes they would swim behind you and push you.
Then they did a little dance.

Make a little love (sorry had to throw that in)

Then was the fun part, you had to lay on your stomache and the two dolphins came from behind......get your mind outta the gutter people.
Then they pushed their noses against your feet and pushed you across the water....very cool.

Now it was my turn, we went in groups of 6, in my group there was myself, a lady from England and everybody else was from Denmark, not a word of English. Of course the dolphin trainers didn't speak dutch so it made it interesting.Then they got you to line up in a row and the dolphins swam at us and at the last second jumped over our heads, I was secretly thinking it would be funny if someone(not me) got a flipper to the back of the head....no such luck

Then I got a kiss, how sweet. This photo was $25. The other option was a CD with 30 pictures and a 5 minute video for $250US.......uh considering the dolphin swim itself was $300 for me and the hubby we decided no on the CD.
Then it was time for my dolphin push
It was an amazing day, sadly tomorrow is our last day, then Saturday morning we had to be in the lobby by 5:30am.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Days 4 & 5 hanging at the hotel, Playa Del Carmen

I'm back, my computer was being funny and wouldn't let me access my photos, and I didn't want to blog without them.....so here we go.

Day 4: After our day at Coba we were exhausted, every time I had to go up or down a flight of stairs I thought the muscles in my thighs were going to snap, hadn't climbed many pyramids before yesterday so my legs were hurting a little. So we decided to hang around the hotel today and just relax. We wandered to the front of the hotel to get a picture of the entrance wayWhile we were wandering around we found a lagoon hidden behind some buildings. This was originally supposed to be the side we were staying on and would have been our view, but when we got there they asked if we wanted and ocean view so we chose that instead, here are a few pictures from the lagoon.We decided to check out the lazy river, it was a long pool that you could float along on a tube, I only got a picture of it at night but you can see it...
I think my favorite part of the lazy river was watching people try to get in onto their tubes gracefully.....not so much, almost everyone flipped theirs over first, which was funnier than hell!!!! HA, that's why I made my man hold onto mine while I got on.

Day 5:
We decided to be adventurous today and took a bus into Playa Del Carmen to do some shopping, by bus I mean a 12 passenger van, which they packed you into like sardines, it was a 45 minute bus ride. When we got there they stopped in some back alley to let off some locals, I thought this was were we were supposed to get off, I was a little scared, but then the bus driver informed me that this wasn't my stop....phew! So on we went to "5th Avenue". It was around 30 c that day, so the second we got off our air conditoned van it was like stepping into an oven, an oven full of people yelling at you to buy there stuff and come to their store.While we were there my hubby and I were looking at some things in this one shop when this guy walked up behind us
Dude #1: Hey man are you holding any blow?
Dude #2 No man, it sucks I'm dry.....
This is the point where my husband and I put down the items we were looking at and walked away.
After that we shopped some more then took a cab back to the safety of our resort. One more picture I forgot to add from the Mayan Village, well I think it speaks for itself....classy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 3: Coba village and Mayan Encounter!!!!!

Day 3:
Today was probably my favorite day.......a few hours after it started. Now if you read yesterdays blog, I wasn't feeling to well after too much sun and Tequila! So this morning I woke up still feeling like crap. We were told to eat a huge breakfast because lunch was going to be late. My hangover was still in full force so I tried choking down a piece of bread and some fruit. Then we sat in the lobby waiting for our bus to pick us up. Now being the prepared person that I am I made sure to pack a drug store of pharmaceuticals and stomache remedies "just in case". Well do you think I remembered to bring them from my hotel room...no. So I sat in the lobby contamplating making myself sick to feel maybe a little better. Oh well at least there will be a bathroom on the bus we are taking on our tour..which by the way takes an hour and a half to get to. No such luck, a 12 seater van pulls up and we are on our way. Did I also mention that I have the bladder the size of a pea, so I have to pee constantly. So I was a little concerned.

Our first stop was Coba it is one of the oldest Mayan settlements on the peninsular. It also has the highest pyramid in the area and the greatest concentration of sacbeob (Mayan roads constructed from stone. When we arrived it was around 32c(89f). We were met there by a Mayan tour guide who was going to show us around then we were off on our own for an hour to explore the pyramids. Here is a few photos from Coba, can't explain them all because this is only the 1st hour of our tour....and this blog would go on FOREVER! One quick note about this photo, it was a game played by the Mayans, and the losing team was beheaded!!

Then we headed to the largest pyramid and the view from the top was amazing!

After this we headed back ,stopping to see other ruins along the way. Then it was back in the van and off to the Mayan Village. We found it interesting to see houses that were made of mud and straw and barely held together but had a brand new Nissan or Volkswagon in the driveway? still wasn't too sure about that, tried to take a picture but, have you ever been on a bus in Mexico??? They drive a little fast, so my pictures were blurred.

After a short trek through the jungle we arrived at the Mayan village where we to change into our swimsuits. Privacy, not an option. I changd in a little hut with cloth on all four sides and it was windy!! needless to say I changed fast. Then we were off to trek through the jungle to where we would be ziplining acoss a lake
They told us after we got across about the alligators underneath us!!!

Then we did some more treking through the jungle to the "cenote" underground cave filled with water. We were met by a Mayan Shaman who performed a blessing ceremony for us before we entered the cave That's me on the end!

After that we repeled down into the "cenote" which was amazing, after hikiking and climbing pyramids a swim in a cool cave was much needed!
After that we did some kayaking on a lake, then the woman in the village made us lunch. It was an amazing experience. Then it was back to the van to head home, with one last stop on the way. When in Mexico everything ends with...............................

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 2: Tequila,swim up bars, sun= not so good feeling

Day 2

We woke up feeling better after a 12 hour sleep and headed over to the buffet for some breakfast. I think I gained 10 lbs on this trip, the food was amazing, and I usually don't eat breakfast or lunch but there was just too much to choose from. After breakfast we had a meeting with our rep from the airlines. They inform you of things you should know info about the hotels, how much to tip, trips to take, ect. After that we decided to book a few tours. We chose the Coba Adventure and Delphinus . After we booked our tours we thought today would be a good day to just hang out at the resort and check out the pools.
Here's a shot of the pool bar, where we decided to spend the day. After a few drinks the bartender poured us tequila shots.. we met some cool people and hung out for most of the day, more tequila shots. Now I am not quite sure how much time had passed but I do remember getting out of the pool to use the washroom and the ground wouldn't stay still, which made it quite difficult to walk. It's funny how when you are submerged in cool water on a hot day drinking for hours you don't notice it. Now I'm quite sure how we made it back to our room, but we did. We woke up in our room around 5pm. Now let me tell you, I didn't feel so great then, but I thought hey! I have my hangover now. So I will be fine tomorrow for our all day adventure........ummm not so much. The hubby, who didn't do as many tequila shots as me felt fine and wanted to head off to dinner. So away we went. on our way there while walking along a jungle path everything went black. I momentarily thought it was me until I heard other people gasping, some cheering and lots of cell phones being turned on everywhere. So there we stood in complete darkness, now you can wait for your eyes to adjust and then contine walking very carefully or you can stay put until it comes back on, which I chose to do. It only lasted a few minutes then we headed off to the buffet. Now at this point in time I feel like death, so the last thing I want to do is eat, or sit in a giant room filled with hundreads of other people stuffing their faces. So I sat quietly, waiting for my husband to finish his dinner so I could go back to my room and slip into a coma until the next morning. Needless to say, there was much I was going to do that evening, so I went back to the room and passed out hoping I would feel better by 8am when our van was picking us up to go to Coba........................................

Here are a few pictures taken around the hotel

Here's me and my man on the beach

Here's a shot of the beach

The view from our room

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 1 car rides,flights,bus rides. MEXICO!!!

I'm home!! We had a wonderful time, I have so much to write so I think I will break it up into several blogs, otherwise it will be unbelievably long.

We headed off to Vancouver last Friday after spending the morning with the little ones. We hung out with the Dumbass's for awhile then the Captain drove us to the airport around 10pm. We hung out at the airport until our flight left at 1 am. We thought that we could sleep on the plane....wrong. We landed in Mexico 5 1/2 hours later. There is a 2 hour time difference so we got there around 8:45am. After making it through customs we boarded a bus to take us to our resort. After 2 hours and several cerveza's we arrived at our hotel. It was beautiful. We checked in and were told we could check into our room at 3pm, it was 10:45. We were tired but got a second wind so decided to check out the resort.
We came across this little guy right away, they and are everywhere. So after a few hours of wandering around, and several differant drinks our room was ready. One of the hotel staff loaded up our luggage onto a shuttle and headed off to our room. On the way he found a kids hat with a sheriff star on the road so he grabbed it and put it on and kept smiling and was very pround of his hat....until he read it, it said cowboy on it, then he threw it on the ground stating that it was a gayboy hat!!! Maybe he saw brokeback mountain. We settled in and then headed back to the lobby for some dinner at the buffet (awesome food). Then we jumped on another shuttle because we were bloated and beyond tired, We were fast asleep by 8pm and slept right through until 8 am.