Monday, May 17, 2010

Alaska Trip Day 1

We arrived in Vancouver the night before to spend the evening with my brother, then he drove us to Canada Place (where the ship leaves from) We arrived at Canada Place at 10:30am, we were suprized to see that there were 3 cruise ships docked there, that meant there was going to be alot of people there!!

We wandered around for awhile then at about 11:30 we decided to head down to see where we needed to be. Us and 7000 other people, and I am not exaggerating. 3 cruise ships each carrying around 2000 passangers each all were put in the same line up. After being told to go to several differant places we got in a crazy line and halfway through were told we needed to leave the line and take our luggage to another place...seriously! Then we returned back to the end of the line up, secretly laughing at all the people in front of us with all there luggage knowing that soon they would have to leave as well, getting us that much closer to the ship!

3 1/2 hours later we made it through customs and got onto the boat, it was now 2:30pm. We were immediatly handed a large colourful drink, how nice, NOT seconds after recieving the drink we were asked for our room number and signiture $20! EEK, oh well after that crazy wait the drink was worth it. We decided to go drop our stuff off and check out our room first.

This was the view from our room!

We wandered around the ship for a few hours, eagerly waiting to go, 4 1/2 hours later we set sail, the weather that day was absoloutly beautiful! Here are a few pictures of Vancouver as we left the city and headed towards ALASKA!!!!!

Make sure to click on the pics, they look so much better bigger!!!

There was a huge "sailing off party" at the pool

After wandering around the ship and finding everything we headed to the Stardust Theatre, where they had "sneak preview performances of all the shows that would be playing that week.

Then it was off to bed, we were exausted!!!! Day 2 was just going to be a sailing day, and we would be arriving at our first port in Ketchikan on Monday.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: there are no words....


It'a Tuesday again, time to unload the madness in your brain!!! I found this video on you tube and seriously there are no words................

Possibly the coolest kids shirt ever!!!

That's all I got for you today!!! Head over to the Keely's and join in on the fun!

Monday, May 3, 2010

5 days til Alaska

Only 5 days til my mom and I leave for Alaska!!! I really hope I can blog from the ship!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Camera Critters:A Walk in the Park

Camera Critters

The first few shots are from a park near my house.

If you click on the picture of the squirrel you can see him better. He was making all sorts of chattering noises so I snuck up to take his picture, seconds after I took this shot he charged after me.....I have never been charged by a squirrel before!!!

And here is a few camera critter shots from home!!

This one is a shot of my oscar and his food that became his friend! The goldfish is about 8-9 inches long!

Go check out more great animal shots by visiting Camera Critters. Have a great weekend everyone!