Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RTT Terminator mommy and weather network fame!!


I almost missed Random Tuesday, what was I thinking, maybe nothing because it is 38 degrees here(that's 100 for my American friends), people are literally melting on the sidewalk....seriously. So I put my lightning picture on the weather network and it has been viewed 678 times!! yay for me. Go check it out Weather
I had a dream the other night that my brother(the one who doesn't blog)and I were at a carnival having a great time, then we called my mom to come pick us up. When she arrived she was the terminator(creepy music included) and she chased us around trying to kill us........

We had company this weekend, lots of fun, my little neice Kayleela is so adorable and she loves my son so much, she follows him everywhere holding his hand and was always by his side. so cute

I really don't have to much to say this week, but like always I have photos

This is one of my new favorite pictures!!!

Here's a shot of me and the boy giving our angry faces!
that's it, Go check out the Unmom to join in on the fun!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I finally got a picture of Lightning!!!!!

We had an unbelievable thunderstorm here last night. We usually get a few zaps of lightning but last night it lasted for about 3 hours. I decided to try and get a picture of lightning, I have been trying to get a shot since I got my first camera as a kid. After 260 pictures(I got the lightning around 130 shots but was trying to get another one!)and about the same amount of mosquito bites! Luckily now I have my DSL. So here it is!!!!!!

Here it is cropped for a better look!

Here are some other pictures taken last night.

This shot was taken a few hours before the storm.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's that time of the week again, Random Tuesday people, grab the button and join in on the madness!!!

Where to begin. I hate that I have to drive every morning to get a coffee, yes I own a coffee pot, but ever since I started drinking Tim Horton's coffee everything else tastes yucky!!!
It's supposed to be freaking hot this week, like high 30's(that's around 100 F) Gross, I hate it when it is that hot.
Mosquitoes are truly evil, they are plaguing my province, probably everywhere else too, they are evil little freaks of nature, If I go outside for long periods of time I might need a transfusion
I love when my cat meows at me and no sound comes out, it's the cutest thing.
I started reading the book My sisters keeper, I like reading the book before I watch the movie. Holy Randomness Batman!!!
My son caught his first fish this past weekend, he was very excited, drop by his blog and check it out DakodaD

Last weekend we went camping at a KOA, I love KOA's, we got one of their little cabins, I love not having to set up a tent. Also the pool,games room, mini golf, restaurant, showers, laundry and free wireless internet was pretty cool too. Gotta love roughing it. On our camping trip we went for a boat ride and found a cool campsite that you could only access by boat. My daughter and I wandered off to go find an outhouse after trying to attempt showing her how to squat and pee
Me : just make sure you don't pee on your shoes
Mik: Mom
Me: yes hun
Mik: sometimes I wish I had boy private parts, it would be so much easier sometimes

We wandered off to find an outhouse and got lost in the dense forest. I tried to remain calm while my brain was freaking out and replaying scenes from the Blair Witch Project, Friday the 13th, and any other movie involving ghosts, serial killers in forests. Long story short, we were found. Here are some pictures from the weekend

Us in front of our cabin

My son, realizing he caught a fish!!!

My daughter warning us of the waves

Helmcken Falls, near our campground

Little lake near our campground

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zombie Dogs,Pole Dancing and Great Kid Quotes

Wow, with all the junk I have ready to spew out you would think it was for Random Tuesday, I guess it is still technically Tuesday but I already posted for that. Hmm maybe we will call this post random Tuesday thoughts that should have been posted earlier so it could have been my random Tuesday post.....
I had mentioned in my last two posts about the hell hounds that have moved in next door Since there arrival I have had my digital camera(set on video mode) sitting beside my kitchen window, trying to catch the beasts that live next door and the vile sounds that come from their psychotic mouths. So this morning my timing work and I captured it on video. This is mild compared to most days but you will still get the picture. This goes on all day and night. Do they make prozac for pooches.

Now onto pole dancing. The other day I was going to pick up dog food and I saw a group of younger kids, all drunk apparently cause hey it was 4:30pm, who isn't wandering around the streets pissed and looking for a fight. So this group of drunks picks a fight with another group of drunks, then they both stagger off in different directions. Not before a classy young lady who is wearing a skirt that barely covers her ass, decides to swing on the bus pole and do a little pole dancing for the lucky folks driving home from work. Classy!

Lastly I leave you with a conversation with the family this evening
My husband(talking to my daughter) Hunny, your dress is tucked into your underwear
Mik: Huh?
Me: that's nice
Dakoda: Or as Auntie Lanna would say....that's HOT!!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

RTT fishing,car crashes, and so much more


So This past week my kids were gone on vacation, they are back now, the night after they got home I had to work from 12am to 8 am (unbelievably shitty shift) So I was hoping to sleep in on Saturday morning.
Mik *bursting into my room at 8am* Mom the cat barfed....like everywhere
Me: huh oh ok
Mik: Ya it's huge it's like this big *making a circle with her fingers*
Me: seriously?
So I get up and clean up cat puke, then around 10am my step father calls me to tell me my mom was in a car accident and was being taken by ambulance into town. So I met them at the hospital, 3 hours later after my poor mom had been strapped down with a neck collar on the Dr comes in and 3 minutes later discharges her.... Thankfully she is ok, has whiplash and some bruising. So after that I head home and try to take a nap seeing how I have to go to work in 10 hours. No such luck the next door neighbors zombie dogs are barking and howling again, only now they are in my back yard, pissing in my garden!!!! So I get up and realize I am not getting any sleep.Yada Yada Yada, go to work at midnight, manage to sneak in 2 hours of sleep there, then head home at 8am. I know this story is dragging but deal with it. So I get home and want to go to bed, but my husband and the kids are going fishing in the new boat(lent to us by my mom and stepdad)So I decide to forget the sleep and spend the day on the boat with the fam!!

Here's a shot of the lake, I didn't bring my good camera cause I was scared it would get wet!!

Us on the boat!
This Friday I am meeting a cousin for the first time, she is from Washington, I am looking forward to meeting her, never met any family on my fathers side!

I leave you with a picture I found the other day from a few years back. If you are ever having one of those days were you feel like shit, remember it could be worse...........

my daughter when she had the chicken pox!!!!

Happy Random Tuesday all.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All was quiet, except for the zombie dogs!!! RTT

It's Random Tuesday Time!

Um I have new neighbors, they moved here from the country, with their 3 dogs, with their 3 obnoxious,loud,psychotic,rabid,howling,beasts of dogs. Seriously people these things bark all day and night, and then they howl, it sounds like mutant zombie dogs from hell. I am trying to get a video of it so you can hear it for yourselves.....damn scary.

My children left this am for the Calgary Stampede!!! I am not one of those moms that waits til the car is out of the drive way and breaks open the champagne and screams FREEDOM!!!! I miss them already! The house is to quiet. At least I can curse like a trucker all week, without having to look over my shoulder to see if anyone heard.....Oh well they will be home on Friday........ That's really all I have to say... As always I do have photo's to share!!
Head over to Keely's, grab a button and join the madness!!!

While I was out in my garden the other day I saw this giant bumble bee! Very cool

My son ended up getting a ton of cash for his birthday, and this is what he wanted

Got this for my husband for Christmas and he finally got to take it out and play with it!

And last but not least, Mikkii showing off her shark tattoo.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Dakoda!

I can't believe my little baby is 10 already. I guess I shouldn't call him my baby any more, cause that is just "uncool" So today we are off to Senor Froggy's for lunch then we have a tradition of seeing a movie on his bday, this year it is Ice Age 3.

Here's Dakoda celebrating his 1st Christmas.

Here he is at the age 2

Here's the little man at 4

Dakoda at age 7

Dakoda at 9

I was going to put in a 10 year old picture this am, but he is still sleeping!!!

Happy 4th of July to all my American bloggers!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day Photo's

We had an awesome Canada Day this year. This was the first year I used my DSL to take pictures of the fireworks.....they turned out great!