Monday, August 31, 2009

RTT : renos,nutchops,smoke and lighting!! Oh ya baby it's all here!

Random Tuesday brought to you by Keely


Man I wish there was more hours in a day! Only 5 more days til the wedding(not mine, I'm a bridesmaid...or brides bitch as it should be called!!!)So this week I have 2 more shifts at work, I need to write the speech,get my spray tan,hair done, then decorate the hall, rehearsal dinner, wedding and gift opening, all while renovating the house!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I love when you are renovating and you take down cupboards and see the weird colours of paint and wall paper the people before you have chosen!! You have to remember this was behind a cupboard, we are not filthy people,

Then behind another cupboard we found this gem!

Also I don't know if you have seen this freak on tv, trying to sell his "slap chop" but everytime I see it I laugh because he talks about chopping up everything from veggies to fruits ect, then he says "your gonna love my nuts" what an ass hat! So while I was on the internet this ad was on one of the pages. freak!

We have some crazy fires burning around our province right now, for the last week our city has been covered in smoke and ash, really gross.

You can barely see the river below!!!

Lastly I leave you with some more lightning pictures. We had another storm tonight, so I headed outside and waited patiently and took about 400 photo's....... I cropped them so you can get a better look

Both these shots were taken in my front yard

Have a great Tuesday everyone, oh and I still haven't figured out how to get a facebook link on here so any help would be appreciated!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yearbook yourself

I don't know if you have heard of this site, but man it's funny! It's called Yearbook Yourself 2009 So here are my beauty shots, go try it, I would love to see other peoples!!!!

Here's me looking fine in 1952!!!!

1954 when I joined the marching band!

1960, when I got me some sexy glasses...

1964 my hair took was a scary time

1970, not so bad.....

Then a bad perm ruined it all in 78'

1982...well I should have stayed home on picture day!

1986 I joined a band!!! I know what your!

1992, the year I discovered hairspray and blow dryers. What's actually really scary is I looked at my grade 9 photo in 92, and I almost have the exact hair style...freaky

And finally the year 2000, where my forehead seems to turn into a 5 head!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts, and of course photos


It's been awhile since I wrote, I haven't even been able to read anyone's blogs in awhile. I went on my last camping trip of the season, it was great other than the wasps,wind,minor injuries(sunburns,wasp stings,slivers and falls) Why does it seem to be so much work to go relax in the woods for a few days? The amount of packing, shopping, traveling and $$ involved, seems crazy!!!
My big brother, Not Dumbass but the other one just passed the 3rd part of his testing to become a police officer, very cool!
Speaking of big brother, man I love that show. I love how people put on a facade at first and try to be somebody there not, then after weeks of isolation and stress then their true colours show!(STOP TELLING ME MY CANADIAN SPELLING IS WRONG!!!!IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF) Sorry, just annoys the hell out of me COLOUR has a U!!!!! Where was I going???????
It's 2 more weeks til my friends wedding(where I am photographer/Bridesmaid) I am so glad I ran off into the Rocky Mountains and got married on the side of a mountain in my jeans, wedding's are freaking STRESSFUL!!!!
Only 15 more days til my kids are back in school, seems like summer went by way to fast.
Wanna know something else I find annoying? Well even if you don't I am telling you anyways, it's my freaking blog and I can do what I want!!!! Sorry about the hostility but I am tired, and that is where I am going with this. Every night my husband says "I'm off to bed, goodnight" and he goes and brushes his teeth then hops into bed. When I want to go to bed, here's how it goes
First I shut down my laptop(Cause that's usually where I end the night)
Next I go make sure all the doors are locked, then I check to see if the cat has food and notice that the litter box needs to be cleaned, then because I fed the cat the dog is sitting by the pantry waiting for a treat! Then I have to feed my beast of a fish. After that I walk through the kitchen and notice that there are some dishes that should probably go in the dishwasher, and then the counter needs to be cleaned, after that I head downstairs to give my son a kiss goodnight(even though he has been asleep for hours) It's just something I do, then I do the same with my daughter, after that I head to the bathroom to brush,floss,wash my face and then head to bed!!!!!! sigh, well that was more than enough rambling for today, wow! If I were at the shrink that would have cost me like $300 so thanks for saving me some money ;) I leave you with some photo's.
Have a great day everyone! Remember to head over to Keely's and join in on the Random Tuesday Madness

I forgot to focus my camera so It wasn't as good as I was hoping for, but oh well what can you do?

My daughter and I chillin on the beach!

My daughter and her bud!

My son and his bud!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too cute

OMG how freaking cute is this!!!!!! Baby Dance

Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts, I'm cheating to share dinks with everyone


So I am going to cheat a little this week, I am going to send you to my last post, because I feel it didn't get enough attention!!!! After all the work I did creating all those dinks, well hey, they need some more views, and what better way to share them than RTT.

In case your new and your thinking, Dinks? What the hell is this crazy woman talking about, well I am a bridesmaid in a wedding coming soon, and I got to throw the bachelorette party!!! My theme was chicks N Dicks. anything I could find to turn into a dink.......well you'll see.

Make sure to head over to Keely's and read more RTT, which may or may not be about dinks!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

THE STAG aka Chicks N Dicks!!!!!!

I survived!!! We didn't get home til 3am, then it took me an hour to clean my house up(see pictures below) before my family arrived home the next am. We had a blast.
The Stag went well, started off with some laser tag then back to my house for some games and Jello shots! Then it was off to dinner, where we got a surprise stripper!! Then it was downtown to hit the bars. Great night!
Here are some pictures of the stuff we had prepared for her!!!!!

This was Gavin, he had lots of fun last night, surprisingly he seemed to get more attention from the boys????

The cake!

My little balloon creations

The Bread loaf we used for spinach dip

The Ice sculpture for the punch!

This was for our game Pin the Macho on the man

The Pinata, which was filled with goodies!!

The Veil

Lastly, the Bride and I...and Gavin partying at the bar!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Again DAMMIT!!!!!!!


Damn.WTF, Every freaking time I turn around it's Tuesday. Seriously where the hell are the weeks going. I just got home from work, and it's 12:30 am....Tuesday morning. So I thought I would check blogger before I went to bed and sure enough I see my brothers already got his RTT up. Damn, I've got nothing!!!!!I already posted my camping pictures, then again in Black and White, so now what?
This is possibly the busiest summer I can remember, I have not had a free day yet. Between camping,work,kids,company,renovations(hoping to sell the house within the next 2 months)and throw a bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding in there, well the summer is done.
I am a bridesmaid/photographer(I know, right!) in a wedding coming up in September, one of the joys of being in a wedding is throwing the Bachelorette party!!! Oh yeah the one night girls can run around town carrying blowup dolls, and penis covered veils(oh ya I bought her that)So it is this Saturday, we are starting at my house with some Jello shooters, a Giant penis pinata, penis cake and of course, pin the junk on the hunk( Don't worry I will have some delightful pictures for you Sunday morning. So I leave with that, it's not alot but hey I just got home from work I am tired and want to go to bed, and I will be to busy tomorrow, oh wait today to post so I thought I would do it now. I leave you with a few more camping pics, cause hey I took 450 photo's on our last trip and you have only seen the math......later. go check out the Unmom for some more crazy randomness.

What can I say.....we like trains!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

more photos

Just a few pics, not much to say too busy with work, kids planning a Stag(this Saturday) company, more company, camping, wedding, more work........yada,yada,yada

Does anyone know how to put a facebook link on my blog? I have tried and can't seem to figure it out, I am still a little green on the whole blog thing! I see it on other peoples pages but I can't figure it out HELP!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Camera Critters!!!!

Camera Critters

I have a lot of photos for camera critter today, because I couldn't decide which ones to use, so I used them all. My family just got back from a camping trip and these are some of the critters we seen.

This horse was at a little farm on the side of the road, I could have taken his picture all day!! He was so friendly.

This little guy had some crazy hair!!!

I loved the colours in this bird!

Frog in the creek

Lastly, this was not on I camping trip he was in our driveway at home.....yuck!

Make sure to go to Camera Critters to go check out more awesome pictures!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Mom it made me puke!

Tonight we had some company over for dinner, they have a son who is almost 2. Now before I continue with my story I need to share a photo with you of my dog and his beloved "pooh"

My dog chews on this toy everyday for hours at a time. Tonight we had just finished dinner and the kids were still at the table. The 2 year old decided he wanted to play with pooh bear, and started sucking on his head. Now if you look at his head you will notice it is discoloured from months of sucking and chewing by my dog.
A few minutes later my daughter came out of the bathroom looking sick (At this point we didn't know that the little one had chewed the pooh(tee hee)
Mikayla: Mom, Lucas picked up Montana's pooh bear and started sucking on the head.....Where Montana ALWAYS chews on it
Me: Eww, that is kinda gross
Mikayla: Mom it was so gross it made me barf
Me: *laughing* ah ha ha that's funny
Mikayla: No seriously mom, I barfed
Me: For real? Where?
Mikayla: In the toilet.
So I wandered down to the washroom and sure enough.....she puked!