Saturday, December 27, 2008

The dangers of Toboganing

Today was beautiful outside, a balmy -3 . So the family decided to head up to the hills and do some sledding!!!!! My husband wants to bring our dog (see other blogs for stories on "the dog") so We all pack into my mom bus(mini van).
Now normally there is a really cool area to sled at the base of the hills. There's lots of hills to choose from,people have big bon fires, it's great. We all drive by this area looking out our window with sad faces wishing we could go there. sigh. The we all glare at the dog,and mutter nasty things about him under our breathe.
You see my dog Montana or Idiot as I like to call him, does not like other people, he will chase them, bark and snarl at them, it's not a pretty sight! Did I forget to mention that the dog has been howling and whinning the hole way up. So on we drive, up into the isolated hills looking for some spot to go. Then up ahead we see a spot.

All was going well and everyone was having fun................

After a few runs I noticed my husband looking around suspiciosly.
Me- What?
Hubby-Did you hear that?
Me- Hear what? Snowmobiles?
Hubby- No, sounded like gunshots?

Right, thats what you want to hear when you are on the side of a mountain 200ft away from your vehicle. So we listen. Every few minutes we would here a sound, almost like what it would sound like if something was whizzing by really fast then lots of cracking noises. At this point I am getting a little sketched. I have seen to many movies, so I'm thinking some redneck hillbillies are going to appear over the hill and start chasing us off their land. Hubby trys to reassure me that I'm over reaccting, as he still looks around uneasily. So we do a few more runs, more whizzing and cracking noises, kids are starting to wonder. My daughter and I decide to go down the hill together, Yay! fun.......
All was well until we reached the bottom of the hill.

Here is a shot moments before our wipeout. Now the next picture was taken just a moment after this one................
Now, you would think I got snow in my eyes right? WRONG!! notice the picture above how my dogs face is right behind me and in this shot it's his back end? Well the dumbass whipped his tail into my eyes and momentarily blinded me. Of course my hubby had no idea yet at that point(or so he says) so he kept on taking pictures. So there I am rolling around in the snow, rubbing my burning eyes and cursing the dog more. All this time the freaky gunshot type noises are still going off, only now they are louder.
So we finally decide that maybe it's time to pack it in. So we head back to the van just as a truck load of hillbillie Albertans (that's people from the province Alberta) pull up beside our van. The roll down their window and ask us if we are coming or going. We tell them we are leaving, they tell us that they are shooting clay pigiens. We smile politely as we try to shove our kids in the van, away from the gun weilding clay pigion shooting least we figured out what the noise was.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wish you were here

Merry Christmas All, Due to weather my brother Captain Dumbass and his family could not make it out this year for Christmas, We missed you. Here is a little message from your brother, and your niece and nephew. Hope to see you guys soon!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

sucks to be you buddy!!!

Here's my baby Turk enjoying his pre Christmas dinner! Don't have anything else to say just wanted to add this cool pic!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's been awhile...........

Ok, so I noticed I haven't blogged in awhile, Nov 26th to be exact. What have I been so busy doing that I can't find the time to blog?? I'm not sure. maybe shoveling snow,Christmas shopping battling the flu, more shoveling, Christmas cards,concerts, and a new Christmas tree(which I love)

So when I bought this tree I took my daughter with me, only problem was the box was to big to fit in the van, so I had to drive her home and drop all the seats to get it in!

My husbands Christmas party was a few weeks back, while driving up to Sun Peaks(ski hill) it poured rain......weird.

I took this shot on the way home of the North Thompson River, this is another one of my passanger window at 100km/h shot. I don't know why my husband won't stop on a windy corner in the rain. What I love about the picture is that fact that the river was so still.

Blah Blah Blah, I don't really have to much to say but I have lots of photo's. So The picture above was taken on December 7th, now on the 19th it looks a little differant

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so cold, Monday it was -25. It's getting a little warmer, if only there was no wind, then it would be tolerable.

Here is my little gem! Now it irrates me that I didn't think of "Marley and Me" 5 years ago when I got my yellow lab. Are you kidding me? Ask any lab owner and they are thinking the same thing. I've had my lab on my kitchen table eating a plant,chsaing a poor woman in robes(that's a post in itself),eating rocks and having them surgically removed for $1500,chasing horses,howling in the car. The vet actually makes me stand outside with my dog until it's time for us to come in....seriously my dog is a freak! So here he is pictured with one of his babies(we go through about 1 a month) sometimes they last a little longer, as long as he doesn't do what he is doing above so much!

K whoa, that is way to much and what is scary is there is way to much more in my brain right now, but I'm sure my 2 and only 2 followers( thank you Mama Dawg and Captain Dumbass) have already fallen asleep. My own mother isn't even following my blog, sure she comments but come on mom!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's been awhile

I guess it has been a little while since I wrote anything, but every time I have a second to sit in front of my computer I can't think of anything to say, I think I have permanent writers block......

So in the last week


I work a 24 hr shift it was a bit shitty....literally, in my line of work (Homecare) I get to say I had a shitty day, and so when someone who doesn't work in that business says they have had a shitty day, it annoys me a little.


Anyways after that I had two of my kids friends spend the night,which are also my friends kids, don't get confused keep up. Anyway the girl was feeling good and had to go home.Yada Yada Yada,


Lunch at Montana's, shopping at home depot with the kids my daughter actually lets out a high pitch scream before screwing up her face and growling "I hate home depot". (so we make sure to take her often). I actually tried to use a code word for it at lunch telling the hubby we have to go to HD. I wasn't clever enough cause sure enough there was a scream and another face scrunch followed by "I hate home dept!"


This morning my daughter doesn't feel well, so she stayed home from school, then I went to work monday night, after work I went to pick up a pantry for my newly painted kitchen. I arrive home Monday night with the unassembled pantry. My hubby reluctantly asks if I want him to put it together....sensing his eagerness I said told him not to worry about it.


I was supposed to have a dentist app this am, again daughter doesn't feel well, I ask her what wrong and she tells me her tummy hurts, more face scrunching( just in case your wondering what scrunching is, it is a face she has been doing since she was a baby, she's almost 7 now)

Here's my little baby long ago with her face scrunch.

Ok back to story. So after the face scrunch I ask her if she thinks she can go to school, she lets out a dramatic cough and then a few more follow up coughs. Coughing? I thought you had a tummy ache? So I say fine you can stay home. I usually make the kids spend the majority of the day in bed(if your too sick for school stay in bed) anyways they always end up wanting to go to school. (that's how I separate real from fake) Anyways she stayed home and I stared at the unopened box(which contained my pantry) on the floor. I can do this I thought. So I pulled everything out and managed to get it all assembled (yay for me!) Then I put it in the kitchen......hmm looks like we need another one. So I sent hubby to store to buy another we assembled it together, yes together, which works alot faster. Now it looks right!


Which is today, daughter decides to go to school I have some quiet time at home, after cleaning,laundry,filling new pantries, watching House and Fringe after they finish downloading. Then I pick the kids up from school, take them to gymnastics, head off to work.

Here is a picture of the boy taken about 8 years ago. Back before he could give me attitude and sarcastic remarks. sigh.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I don't have a title, do you have a problem with that????

Here's a cool shot of the boy on the swing. I don't really have anything to say today but I do have a few photos

Here's one of my little girl.

This was taken from my back door a few nights ago. I thought it looked cool. Thats all I got for ya.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

They have action figures for EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Saw this on Facebook, way too funny! Anyways I got nothing to say, I worked all weekend now I have to finish painting my kitchen. My son started his own blog , he is very proud of it, so drop him a comment it would make his day :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

110 and a windshield

These are some photos I took on the way to Vancouver last weekend, they were taken from my car doing 110 on the coquihalla highway(I was the passenger) lol.

This is a shot driving into Merrit,BC.

Here's another one, can't quite remember where this one was but it's somewhere betweeen Kamloops and Vancouver.
And another......
I think this one looks creepy!!

This one I actually got out of the car to take. This one was taken in Hope,BC

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here's a gem from the past

I really have nothing to say today so I thought I would post this lovely picture of me and my brothers taken about 100 years ago

Wow, seriously, I think we have the same hair cut....ALL THREE OF US! At least I brought a little colour into the photo! And Yes, that is Captain Dumbass on the right, nice pipes!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another day, another tale

Well where do I start. Last night we headed out to the Chris Cornell concert, kids were stoked,mom and dad were stoked! We arrive downtown to a dead parking lot, I'm talking 10-15 cars???not a good sign. When we get to the show they tell us we have to exchange our seats for new ones??? WTF! We had chosen are seats carefully. At the coliseum there are only 3 rows of seats on the upper balcony, yes it is farther away but less people means less drunks,less language and less narcotics. So we get our new seats down below in general population. We wander in, not many people there was a little surprized. We found our seats and waited for the show to begin. Mobile was the opening band, as they started up the kids put on there gigantic ear protecters(like the old school headphones) and jumped up! All was going well, kids were rocking....all was good. Then when the opening act finished it took about 45 min to prep for were getting restless. Now the fun begins.
"I've never F*#king been to Kamloops" He screams. I look down at wide eyes, It's all good I was expecting some language. At this point my daughter wants to climb up in my lapFor a better view you ask? No so she can go to sleep! Right on! Now remember we are down with the others now, not safely tucked away up in the balcony. Two guys sitting in front of us decide it's time to blaze up(That's smoking a joint) Because hey! who doesn't do that, why if my kids weren't with me................
My son horrified grabs his dads arm to tell him whats going on. But one joint isn't good enough, they both have to light up. nice. So after that we had to move. Once we left our seats we just stood around at the main floor area and watched from there for a few minutes.
New scene, picture drunk middle aged man, reliving his glory days with a cheap beer and some good friends. He sees us and decides that we would love him to come and slur,spit and scream in our ear. He is apparently impressed that we have decided to bring our kids, and proceeds to tell us about his father taking him to his first concert, all the time trying to give high 5's to the little ones. One more educational quote from Cornell before we leave, he tells the audience to make some noise, so I tell the kids scream as loud as you want. So they happily let it rip they scream,cheer and clap.
"This is a f*#king hockey arena, lets make some noise" Cornell screams.
"I want to go home dad" replies my son.
I think we will wait a few more years til the next one.

Friday, November 7, 2008

They have a club for that?

Ok so last night we are driving to go out to dinner for my husbands 30th bday!! From the back seat the boy asks "mom do you know about blackmail" My inner paranoia kicked in and I turned to him "why what do you have nothing on me" I yelled!! (well maybe I didn't yell, but it seems more dramatic that way) So he tells me that they are talking about friends at school. Friends that blackmail you? anyways we got into a conversation about one of his overprotective friends who is a bit of a introvert. We were discussing how some people need to only have one or two friends while other kids(the boy) have lots of friends. Then my son proceeded to tell us about when his friend got mad at him for playing with other kids. The kid actually started up a club called "people who have been ditched by Dakoda" The best part is a few people actually joined!, I laughed so hard I almost spit my double,double(thats a Tim Horton's coffee with 2 cream 2 sugar) all over the car. Man I love kids, they give ya enough blogging material for months!! wait til I post my sons letter to Santa a few years back he wanted a Monster truck controller....ya sound out the last word a few times........we have to save that letter til he is old enough to uderstand that word!!!!
Well we are off to the Chris Cornell concert tonight, hope the kids don't come home with the munchies and hearing loss!!! Then it's off to Vancouver first thing in the am, just me and the hubby and a chocolate buffet!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Evil lives on in the form of Wii fit!!!

I was shopping at Toys R (can't make the R go backwards sorry!) Us the other day with my husband and on the way a lady was handing out $10 gift cards, as I reached to grab it I realized that you needed to spend $75 to get it. I smiled and said no thanks, after all I was only buying a birthday present for a friends child. As I turned to say something to the hubby he wasn't there?? I turned to see him taking the gift card from the lady.
"What are you doing" I yelled, I tend to get a bit dramatic at times, only for the fun of it though.
"I might spend $75" my husband replied.......
More dramatic reactions
So we head over to the electronics department after finding the perfect gift with over a 1000 stickers, and also art to go on the windows. This is only amusing to those who know my friend "C" he he he. . Then my husband turns to me and says. "We should buy your Christmas present now and you can go run back to the gift card lady and get another one
Horrified I stared at him. "what the hell" more drama "I don't want my christmas present in November, where is the fun in that" I whinned.
AND I am so not going back to the gift card lady who saw me only moments ago yelling at my hubby for getting one. Anyways on with the story, I had a moment of realization, wait, hubby and I are going to Mexico at the end of January......If I get the Wii Fit now I can be somewhat in shape by then, (Damn husband and his logical thinking)and I won't look like a chunky pasty white tattooed North American invading their country to lie on my ass for a week drunk and burnt. So with any luck I will just show up a pasty white tattooed North American. So back to the whole point of where I was going with the story, as I was standing in the line up I heard the cashier ask someone if they got a gift card at the door. Score! I got one anyway! I got home and set up my Wii fit! Whoo hoo. I start off with some Yoga poses, easy, move on to some balance games,Piece of cake, then on to Arobics, fun. Then I went on to strengthening exercises, a little tough but whatever I am the Fitness Queen. After about 45 minutes I decide thats enough for the day have to get other things done.
Skip ahead to next morning.
I wake up feeling great until I try to get out of bed, 1st thing I notice is the intense pain running down my thigh muscles as I try to bend my legs to get out of bed, the pain so bad I didn't realize the insane pain in my abs as I finally straightened out. WTF I thought I was in some what good shape!! WRONG, guess I used a whole bunch of muscles that I hadn't in awhile..... The I realized with horror that in order for it to get better I had to do it again, so I trudged upstairs, 14 painful excrusiating steps. Hopped on the wii board only to have my personal trainer tell me that I had gained 1.5 pounds since yesterday, and I should be careful with my afternoon snacks. Are you kidding me. You smug bastard, you should be thankful I even came back. Damn you. I am heading back downstairs to eat some more halloween candy!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

mmmmm chocolate

I don't really have to much to say. I am excited however to be going to Vancouver this weekend, the hotel we are staying at has a chocolate buffet!! Oh ya baby! Now I'm not a big eater so paying $26 a piece to have some sweets is a little crazy, what's weirder is I was more excited to take my camera in there than I was to actually eat the chocolate.
I noticed today that I have a follower, who could it be, my dear oldest(I am mean OLDEST) brother, No, wait I know, it has to be my mom,No. My follower is someone from my brothers blog Mama Dawg. So thank you, for being my one and only follower!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

And now the Award for Parents of the Year!!!!

My hubby and I bought tickets for David Copperfield in August and managed to keep it a secret until last night, the picture above is the kids realizing what the tickets are for. We didn't tell the kids ahead of time because they are extremely imaginative, if they knew in advance they would have googled or you tubed the mans entire career and every trick he has ever done, the boy, would have probably figured out a few of them as well. So we let them know an hour before the show where we were going!

Here's a shot of Mikayla having heart palpitations after finding out! During the show frisbees were thrown into the audience for volunteers, Mikayla caught one and was super excited, but I had to tell her you have to be 18 or older, a little pissed she reluctantly handed the frisbee to me..then my inner stage fright kicked in...well it's not so much of stage fright as it was to be seen on a freaking enormous televison screen on the stage, so I quickly handed it to my husband. He had to stand on stage and hold a key.......not sure why they needed 6 people to all hold keys??? Then he had to stand around in a circle with the others while he(David Copperfield) made a car appear on the stage. All and All the kids enjoyed the show, which is all that mattered!

Here's Dakoda aka the boy.

Now for my rant. They show was awesome for the kids, they had never seen a magician before so for the first time David Copperfield was pretty damn impressive. We got there 1/2 hour early to sit and watch an oversized tv screen that had the same 10 or so facts about him that ran over and over again, the show started 15 minutes late, followed by a movie showing how famous he is and people from the TV media saying his name in different shows, yawn! then he did a small trick then another video of him doing another one of his tricks, Seriously, I paid $100 a ticket to watch videos I could see on you tube? Now don't get me wrong some of the things he does are amazing(going through a steel plate,huge fan, making a car appear on stage) but It was the exact same show I saw 5 years ago at the MGM Grand! seriously, word for word, joke for joke. On another note, we were really close to the stage (row 7) and for half the show the kids had their hands over their ears, it was overly loud I thought........we will see how they do at the Chris Cornell concert!!!!!!

Too funny not to share

Ahh out of the mouths of kids.......My children made monster traps for a project at school, my daughters trap was the famous "hole in the ground" covered with leaves. Then she thought, If I colour a piece of paper with my "smelly" markers, I could put it in the hole and that's what would attract the monster! Great Idea I thought, then she said I have the perfect name for it, I want to call it "Smelly Box".........uhhhh no! We then agreed on Smelly surprize, which is just as scary....... I should have let her keep the original name, that way I could point and laugh at all the other parents and teachers trying to keep straight faces while they announced it in the assembly!! Or maybe it's just me with the twisted mind.......Nah the rest of you are Just as twisted, if not more......You know I am talking about you Captian !!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dakoda's Lion going Crazy

My blog has been hi jacked by the boy.........I have nothing to do with the following, it is all for the love of his uncle, he stayed up late almost falling asleep trying to finish it for you.

I have made a very funny video of lion going crazy and he is singing peanut butter jelly time. hope Connor and Liam go crazy and bug you all
day and scream like crazy freaks! HA HA HA HA HA HA

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lost in Translation

Mikayla: Mom can we go in the hot tub?
Mom: go ask your dad to go get my bathing suit out of the laundry
Dad(from the next room) Why doesn't your mom do it
Mom(sending message through Mikayla "tell Dad I have a piano tied to my butt"
Mikayla: Dad, Mom has a piano stuck in her butt
Mom: never mind next time I'll do it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just for you Chad !!!

Well, just in case Liam and Conner are not still chanting "peanut butter jelly time" here is a friendly reminder......Craig made this last night, and we laughed the whole time HA HA HA!!!!! Now the video is even better cause they are the stars! So make sure they see this, otherwise they are going to get it on DVD (EXTENDED VERSION) for Christmas! Cheers brother!

Now that I got the evil out, It was good to see you guys, hope you had a good visit. I'll send you some of the pictures we took outside, they turned out great(well I guess you seen some in the video) chow

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorry but I need to bitch a little!!!

Ok, So I had do two 24 hour shifts last week(yes 24) so I screwed up my neck, making me go back to the evil chiropactor, who in the past 3 years has taken about $3000 of my hard earned money....anyways where was I, oh yes sore neck.
This weekend my husband was digging a trench for our hot tub cable wire thingy....whatever, point being he had to remove the stairs that are outside leading to the you know where this is going yet. Now if you have read my other blogs(which you haven't cause my blog is sad and lonely) anyways I have a dog that barks at everything, so the other day I was hanging out on my heating pad drugged up on Robax platnuim when the beast started barking, so what do I do, go run over to the door to yell at the dog. When I went to step out onto the platform that is usually there, It's not, so I fall down onto a pile of dirt. Now I am even more pissed at the dog, who decides to make a break for the door jumping over me and spraying me with dirt....another visit to the chiropractor.
So you think after that I would take it easy....but no I have decided to paint my kitchen, so yesterday I did all the cleaning,sanding,priming.....7 hours worth, with my throbing neck. Then it occured to me.....Fuck! I have company coming (my brother, the only reader of my blog) Why did I decide to paint my kitchen?? especially when I have another 24h shift tomorrow, make that a 30 hr shift,forgot my boss will be a few hours late. This is the time when the sad eyes and a small pout, maybe even a single tear, while I hold my neck and wince "Honey could you finish this for me"

Thursday, October 9, 2008

many sides of "Pink Death"

Ok, first let me say I don't let my kids play with guns, so I'm not even sure where this one came from, obviously the boy got it through security(make note, go after the boy) Anyways when I saw her running around the back yard looking like a lil gangster, I did what every mom with a camera and a blog does...."wait there honey don't move" click click click. So today we had to drug the little monkey to get her tooth pulled. everything went well, she was just sleepy looking, and really could have cared less what the dentist was doing!! So the below shot is her after her drugs looking calm and peaceful. Sorry Chad no video, but I do have a wonderful quote from her while the drugs were still working
She had major gas.....seriously. Anyways I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom. She looked at me and replied "My bum was holding it's breath but sometimes it has to breathe"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Does that make me a bad mother??

My daughter has a dentist appointment tomorrow....4th attempt at getting a tooth pulled(first of 3). Poor girl was cursed with my families giant chicklet teeth, anyways this time we went to narcotics. We got a little "oral sedative" ( what other way would you want to take it???) Now my question is does it make me a bad mother because I want to make a little video of my stoner for my blog???? I think I am the only person that reads my blog (other than my big brother) Thanks Chad! So really it doesn't freakin matter what I put on here!!!! The only person who reads it is just as crazy as me (genetically) he he he

Saturday, October 4, 2008


A boy wakes up in the middle of the night to see his butt perched on the window sill, then his butt takes off to cause mayham! But this is not the first time, it seems lately Zacks butt has been taking off on a regular basis (Don't ya just hate when that happens?) Now he is a disturbing paragraph from page 7. And then he saw it. It was a butt. But not just any butt. It was small pink and strangely familiar. It was his butt. He watched as his butt made it's way through the crowd. As it passed, the other butts would reach out and try to touch it like it was some kind of celebrity. I would go on but (ha ha) it just gets more and more disturbing when I saw the word crapalanche I new I has to stop!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Ok So I realize that the video quality SUCKS!!! I used my digital camera and was a little to far away, but what counts is the audio, Pink Death (as her uncle calls her) has decided to try something else other than Metallica and went back to do some old school rock!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The video is around 5 min long.My son tells me that the song is called "Dark and Scary Times" This song was made on the spot, they picked a background beat from the synthazizer and Craig started a tune on the bass......the rest is all the boy. I appologize for the sideways video, I was screwing around with the camera and can' figure out how to get it back deal with it.

Oh ya baby

My new ride!!! Or I guess being married I have to say "Our" new ride.......we will be fighting over this one for awhile. I took this shot of it cause I love the little light wipers, which comes in handy living in a semi desert climate!!! Oh well It will come in handy in the snow!! BTW the car is a 2003 Volvo S40.

On a differant note, had to share this little story, Last night my children were colouring, and talking about how they were going to make a whole bunch of pictures and put them all over the walls "Not in my bloody house" I'm thinking in my head smiling at their little eager faces. So we agreed they could be hung up in the play room. Now I should tell you that the kids can whip off about 20 pictures per colouring session. So I started to explain how art takes time. Then I went off on how long it took Michelangelo to do the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, at which point my 9 year old son looked at me and said "The ninja turtle"......less PS3 more culture needed!!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm bout ready to open up a can of Whoop ass

That's my girl, one minute she is dressing up in princess dresses with enough bling to blind ya, then her alter ego appears and she become this crazy little brute who "hates pink and purple because they are TOO girly" . I just realized I need to post some more stuff on my son!!! I
have an long (5-7 min) video of Dakoda(singing) and his dad(playing bass) hmmm lets see if I can shrink it and get it on here. He makes up his own lyrics.....actually not too bad!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

What's sadder......

Ok, So I take my dog for a walk out at Tranquille Creek, and I come across this "thing". While I was taking the picture I was thinking to myself hmmm I'm not sure what disturbs me more about this. The fact that some one either bought (and from where I'd like to know) or some sick twisted individal thought "hey why don't I make a freaky red eyed, sharp toothed one horned monster and let my child play with it? WTF that thing could give someone nightmares. I bet who ever owned this thing chucked it in the river when their parents weren't looking. But unfortunatly it's like a toy from a Stephen King novel and just won't die!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

F#@K I LOVE NYQUIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to the germ infested offspring or our extended family from Calgary! One of you bastards made me sick!!! I can't breathe through my nose my eyes look like "two piss holes in a snow bank" One of my dads quotes.....probably the only one I could post on here?? Anyways I'm sick and ya I am going to whine about it ALL day. took the kids to school this am, made them think they were big kids so they could walk in all by themselves. Truth is mom doesn't want to be seen by anyone. So now I am going to crawl back to the couch and lay there for 6 hours til I have to go pick up the kids.

Monday, September 15, 2008

exuse me but if you step any closer my dog may rip your F#@*ing head off

Ok, I have a dog, he is a bit of an a**hole!!! him, but everyday any time anyone tries to walk by my house my cute wagging tailed lab(Montana) turns into the Lucifer of canines. The hair on his back stands up he bares his teeth and barks and barks....and barks until that person is clearly out of sight.
So everyday an eldery gentlemen walks his 3 dogs by my house.....EVERYDAY. So...EVERYDAY my dog goes crazy, well now the man decides that he is going to try to make friends with the snarling,80lb beast. Well that just pisses the dog off more, so the guy decides to hand feed my dog biscuts over the fence. So finally today I decide to go out and let the nice old man know that Hey! my dog is not really that social(in case you haven't noticed) and it's probably not a good idea to stick your hand over the fence.
He just smiles and contines to hold out biscuts. I keep taking from them and throwing them to my dog. but no, he insists on doing it himself.. Now remember all this time that we are discussing my unsocial dog, he is still barking,snarling and trying to eat through the fence to kill whatever is on the other side, then looks up and sees buddy guys hand holding a milkbone. So Montana leaps into the air almost taking the guys hand off to get the bone(still barking) I'm thinking "buddy keep walking or my dog is going to take you down" but he just smiles and contines fishing around in his bag for biscuts. We will see if he has a death wish and is back tomorrow

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Usually I am afraid of spiders......I still shudder every time I think of this insanely large hairy arachnid nestled in my cedars....but if you look closely It looks like a large happy face in the middle of his body, now back up a bit, doesn't it kinda look like it has arms and legs....maybe a few other appendages but use your imagination. Regardless if the thing sets foot in my house it's gonna get a can of Raid sprayed on his little smiley face and a size 8 sketcher stomp!!

Metallica by Mik

Alright, I finally figured out how to add a video. So here it is Mik's first attempt at Metallica.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The kid can Rock!

I have crossed over to the world of blogging.......... After purchasing rock band for the playstation 3 I watched my kids (6), (9) struggle to play. It is rated T for teen but they still tried, now a month later I proudly wipe a tear from my eye as my youngest child chooses to play some Metallica on the guitar and rather well. There is just something about a 6 year old belting out the lyrics to "And Justice for All" as she rocks it out on the guitar......will post video soon.