Monday, November 1, 2010


What a busy freaking weekend!!! 2 birthday parties, shopping for skis, work, Halloween Party and finally Trick or Treating. I love Halloween, the only thing that I don't like about this holiday is that it is the one day that you are likely to see a clown........and those are just not good in my world. On Friday I was doing some last minute shopping and while I was driving in my car I stopped at a red light, when I looked in my rear view mirror there was a Freaking clown driving behind me.....I almost peed my pants. I debated blowing through the red light, but didn't and couldn't stop looking in my mirror to see if he was getting out of the car to come kill me!!!
Saturday night I went to a kid less Halloween Party and had a lot of fun!

It looks like wounds all over my husband!!! They are tattoo's, he went as a thug,punk,criminal, whatever you want to call it. He managed to steal my gun at some point during the evening!!!

On Sunday it was the kids turn! I had a little punk rocker and Slash(Guns&Roses) not a killer!! lol