Friday, January 30, 2009

Todays letter is L

I'm taking part in the letter game from Chris over at Coke On My Keyboard. The letter chosen for me is L so here I go.

1. Leaves: I love leaves, especially in the fall when they are changing colours, and raking them into a huge pile so the little ones can spend countless hours jumping and playing in them.

2. Laughter: I love laughter, especially people with crazy laughs! my daughter has so many different laughs, that it makes me laugh to hear it. laugh, laugh,laugh....ever say a word to many times then it does not make sense anymore?

3. Lost: One of my favorite TV shows, keeps ya guessing and the men aren't that bad to look at either!!

4. L@#$%: That's my moms name(didn't want to put it down, she is a fellow blogger and don't know if she wants her name on here. She is an amazing woman and I'm proud to be her daughter.

5. Lettuce: can't make a salad without it!

6. Lily's: They are one of my favorite flowers, also the name of my Nana.

7. Licorice,Life Savors,Lolly pops: that should count as 3 but since it's all in the same category I will still come up with 3 more L words

8. Life: cause hey...none of us would be here without it!

9. Lottery: One day I will win it.....I guess I have to start buying tickets first!

10. Lysol: cause we could all live without nasty germs !!

So there is my list, I'm supposed to ask other people to play, so if you want to, leave a message for me and I will pick a letter for you,and thanks again Chris for not giving me X or Q

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have discovered photo shop

I would like to thank my husband for patiently teaching me photo shop! It's my new found love!!! Especially since I realized you can get rid of blemishes andwrinkles....YAY! Anyways here are a few that I have been playing around with. So far I have just been playing around with black and white photo's with a few things in colour!

This is a shot from my friends wedding that I did. It's one of my
favorite shots.

Here is one of my little girl.

Here's the boy hanging out in the creek

This picture was taken in 3 Valley Gap, just outside of Revelstoke,BC

This one is of my daughter at the pumpkin patch!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ahh their parents must be proud!!!!!

Well I think these videos speak for themselves.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love Lost!

I love Lost, I'm glad it's back on, one thing bothers me on this's Richard and his "guyliner" I'm not really sure what is going on there? Little creepy. Does he always sport this look? Then it got me thinking I should look up on google and check some pics out to see.

Well sure enough he always looks this way. While I was searching his photo's I found a rather scary photo of him

Apparently eyeliner is not his only problem? Maybe he is born with it? Maybe it's Maybelline.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A birthday blog for my daughter

My daughter's birthday was yesterday, she turned 7. So I thought I would dedicate my blog to her today. Here she is on the morning of her birthday,showing her "Bratz " face.

I picked her up early from school to take her out for a surprise. I took her to the salon to get her hair done and her nails painted. She was beyond excited.
Here she is with her new hair!! she just wanted it straightened and to have bangs.

So we went out to dinner (her choice) to Senior Froggys! Then back to our house for cake, made by yours truly. Now this cake was explained to me in detail by her to what it had to look like.
And here it is, the rainbow bit cake with rainbow bit icing chocolate sprinkles and little candy hearts!
So that's my blog for my little munchkin.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Good to know

My son gets a gift for Christmas containing a bunch of lateral thinking puzzles you have to solve. So I open up the box and decide to read one to the boy...well the first one I pulled out was this one.......

Now half way through this I'm thinking WTF? What the hell kinda Christmas present is this, and who the hell gave it to my child????? But I was curious to see what the answer we flipped it over and sure enough........

Well of course...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mexico vengo aquí!

Yes. in just 42 days my ass will be somewhere on that beach drinking a Margarita. The husband and I are going to the Mayan Rivera for a week!!! BY OURSELVES!!!!!!! So now begins the adventure of taking off the Christmas pounds, finding a bathing suit and learning some Spanish, as of now the only Spanish I know is what I have learned from Dora.. Vamonos!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

fish heads fish heads rolly polly fish heads

I was working on a blog about my fish Turk.

such a handsome boy!

Turk lives in a 55 gallon aquarium, he used to have an albino oscar named JD who lived with him as well as a huge pleco(sucker fish) named "sucka". Anyways the 3 of them lived happily together, until one day we noticed the sucker fish had died, we had a small funeral and placed him in the garden with Frank(our first oscar). Next our Albino oscar got sick, we finally put the poor bastard out of his misery . We researched to find the most humane way to "kill" a fish. Apparantly placing a fish in pure alcohol will kill it instantly.....what a way to go. So two 26ers of vodka(remember he is a damn big fish) and he then joined his friends in the garden.

Now poor Turk is all alone, maybe a little depressed. Since they don't make prozac for fish we thought, hey, nothing like a little live food to cheer him up!!!Now I know I already used this picture in another blog, but whatever it's cool!!

Now where was I........oh ya live food. Well he ate a few fish, so we put in a few more, he didn't eat those ones?? we couldn't figure out why? Those 3 fish stayed in there for a week, I actually had to feed them! So we figured that he was lonely and wanted company...............