Thursday, October 30, 2008

And now the Award for Parents of the Year!!!!

My hubby and I bought tickets for David Copperfield in August and managed to keep it a secret until last night, the picture above is the kids realizing what the tickets are for. We didn't tell the kids ahead of time because they are extremely imaginative, if they knew in advance they would have googled or you tubed the mans entire career and every trick he has ever done, the boy, would have probably figured out a few of them as well. So we let them know an hour before the show where we were going!

Here's a shot of Mikayla having heart palpitations after finding out! During the show frisbees were thrown into the audience for volunteers, Mikayla caught one and was super excited, but I had to tell her you have to be 18 or older, a little pissed she reluctantly handed the frisbee to me..then my inner stage fright kicked in...well it's not so much of stage fright as it was to be seen on a freaking enormous televison screen on the stage, so I quickly handed it to my husband. He had to stand on stage and hold a key.......not sure why they needed 6 people to all hold keys??? Then he had to stand around in a circle with the others while he(David Copperfield) made a car appear on the stage. All and All the kids enjoyed the show, which is all that mattered!

Here's Dakoda aka the boy.

Now for my rant. They show was awesome for the kids, they had never seen a magician before so for the first time David Copperfield was pretty damn impressive. We got there 1/2 hour early to sit and watch an oversized tv screen that had the same 10 or so facts about him that ran over and over again, the show started 15 minutes late, followed by a movie showing how famous he is and people from the TV media saying his name in different shows, yawn! then he did a small trick then another video of him doing another one of his tricks, Seriously, I paid $100 a ticket to watch videos I could see on you tube? Now don't get me wrong some of the things he does are amazing(going through a steel plate,huge fan, making a car appear on stage) but It was the exact same show I saw 5 years ago at the MGM Grand! seriously, word for word, joke for joke. On another note, we were really close to the stage (row 7) and for half the show the kids had their hands over their ears, it was overly loud I thought........we will see how they do at the Chris Cornell concert!!!!!!

Too funny not to share

Ahh out of the mouths of kids.......My children made monster traps for a project at school, my daughters trap was the famous "hole in the ground" covered with leaves. Then she thought, If I colour a piece of paper with my "smelly" markers, I could put it in the hole and that's what would attract the monster! Great Idea I thought, then she said I have the perfect name for it, I want to call it "Smelly Box".........uhhhh no! We then agreed on Smelly surprize, which is just as scary....... I should have let her keep the original name, that way I could point and laugh at all the other parents and teachers trying to keep straight faces while they announced it in the assembly!! Or maybe it's just me with the twisted mind.......Nah the rest of you are Just as twisted, if not more......You know I am talking about you Captian !!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dakoda's Lion going Crazy

My blog has been hi jacked by the boy.........I have nothing to do with the following, it is all for the love of his uncle, he stayed up late almost falling asleep trying to finish it for you.

I have made a very funny video of lion going crazy and he is singing peanut butter jelly time. hope Connor and Liam go crazy and bug you all
day and scream like crazy freaks! HA HA HA HA HA HA

Friday, October 24, 2008

Lost in Translation

Mikayla: Mom can we go in the hot tub?
Mom: go ask your dad to go get my bathing suit out of the laundry
Dad(from the next room) Why doesn't your mom do it
Mom(sending message through Mikayla "tell Dad I have a piano tied to my butt"
Mikayla: Dad, Mom has a piano stuck in her butt
Mom: never mind next time I'll do it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just for you Chad !!!

Well, just in case Liam and Conner are not still chanting "peanut butter jelly time" here is a friendly reminder......Craig made this last night, and we laughed the whole time HA HA HA!!!!! Now the video is even better cause they are the stars! So make sure they see this, otherwise they are going to get it on DVD (EXTENDED VERSION) for Christmas! Cheers brother!

Now that I got the evil out, It was good to see you guys, hope you had a good visit. I'll send you some of the pictures we took outside, they turned out great(well I guess you seen some in the video) chow

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorry but I need to bitch a little!!!

Ok, So I had do two 24 hour shifts last week(yes 24) so I screwed up my neck, making me go back to the evil chiropactor, who in the past 3 years has taken about $3000 of my hard earned money....anyways where was I, oh yes sore neck.
This weekend my husband was digging a trench for our hot tub cable wire thingy....whatever, point being he had to remove the stairs that are outside leading to the you know where this is going yet. Now if you have read my other blogs(which you haven't cause my blog is sad and lonely) anyways I have a dog that barks at everything, so the other day I was hanging out on my heating pad drugged up on Robax platnuim when the beast started barking, so what do I do, go run over to the door to yell at the dog. When I went to step out onto the platform that is usually there, It's not, so I fall down onto a pile of dirt. Now I am even more pissed at the dog, who decides to make a break for the door jumping over me and spraying me with dirt....another visit to the chiropractor.
So you think after that I would take it easy....but no I have decided to paint my kitchen, so yesterday I did all the cleaning,sanding,priming.....7 hours worth, with my throbing neck. Then it occured to me.....Fuck! I have company coming (my brother, the only reader of my blog) Why did I decide to paint my kitchen?? especially when I have another 24h shift tomorrow, make that a 30 hr shift,forgot my boss will be a few hours late. This is the time when the sad eyes and a small pout, maybe even a single tear, while I hold my neck and wince "Honey could you finish this for me"

Thursday, October 9, 2008

many sides of "Pink Death"

Ok, first let me say I don't let my kids play with guns, so I'm not even sure where this one came from, obviously the boy got it through security(make note, go after the boy) Anyways when I saw her running around the back yard looking like a lil gangster, I did what every mom with a camera and a blog does...."wait there honey don't move" click click click. So today we had to drug the little monkey to get her tooth pulled. everything went well, she was just sleepy looking, and really could have cared less what the dentist was doing!! So the below shot is her after her drugs looking calm and peaceful. Sorry Chad no video, but I do have a wonderful quote from her while the drugs were still working
She had major gas.....seriously. Anyways I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom. She looked at me and replied "My bum was holding it's breath but sometimes it has to breathe"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Does that make me a bad mother??

My daughter has a dentist appointment tomorrow....4th attempt at getting a tooth pulled(first of 3). Poor girl was cursed with my families giant chicklet teeth, anyways this time we went to narcotics. We got a little "oral sedative" ( what other way would you want to take it???) Now my question is does it make me a bad mother because I want to make a little video of my stoner for my blog???? I think I am the only person that reads my blog (other than my big brother) Thanks Chad! So really it doesn't freakin matter what I put on here!!!! The only person who reads it is just as crazy as me (genetically) he he he

Saturday, October 4, 2008


A boy wakes up in the middle of the night to see his butt perched on the window sill, then his butt takes off to cause mayham! But this is not the first time, it seems lately Zacks butt has been taking off on a regular basis (Don't ya just hate when that happens?) Now he is a disturbing paragraph from page 7. And then he saw it. It was a butt. But not just any butt. It was small pink and strangely familiar. It was his butt. He watched as his butt made it's way through the crowd. As it passed, the other butts would reach out and try to touch it like it was some kind of celebrity. I would go on but (ha ha) it just gets more and more disturbing when I saw the word crapalanche I new I has to stop!!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Ok So I realize that the video quality SUCKS!!! I used my digital camera and was a little to far away, but what counts is the audio, Pink Death (as her uncle calls her) has decided to try something else other than Metallica and went back to do some old school rock!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The video is around 5 min long.My son tells me that the song is called "Dark and Scary Times" This song was made on the spot, they picked a background beat from the synthazizer and Craig started a tune on the bass......the rest is all the boy. I appologize for the sideways video, I was screwing around with the camera and can' figure out how to get it back deal with it.

Oh ya baby

My new ride!!! Or I guess being married I have to say "Our" new ride.......we will be fighting over this one for awhile. I took this shot of it cause I love the little light wipers, which comes in handy living in a semi desert climate!!! Oh well It will come in handy in the snow!! BTW the car is a 2003 Volvo S40.

On a differant note, had to share this little story, Last night my children were colouring, and talking about how they were going to make a whole bunch of pictures and put them all over the walls "Not in my bloody house" I'm thinking in my head smiling at their little eager faces. So we agreed they could be hung up in the play room. Now I should tell you that the kids can whip off about 20 pictures per colouring session. So I started to explain how art takes time. Then I went off on how long it took Michelangelo to do the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, at which point my 9 year old son looked at me and said "The ninja turtle"......less PS3 more culture needed!!!!!!