Monday, September 15, 2008

exuse me but if you step any closer my dog may rip your F#@*ing head off

Ok, I have a dog, he is a bit of an a**hole!!! him, but everyday any time anyone tries to walk by my house my cute wagging tailed lab(Montana) turns into the Lucifer of canines. The hair on his back stands up he bares his teeth and barks and barks....and barks until that person is clearly out of sight.
So everyday an eldery gentlemen walks his 3 dogs by my house.....EVERYDAY. So...EVERYDAY my dog goes crazy, well now the man decides that he is going to try to make friends with the snarling,80lb beast. Well that just pisses the dog off more, so the guy decides to hand feed my dog biscuts over the fence. So finally today I decide to go out and let the nice old man know that Hey! my dog is not really that social(in case you haven't noticed) and it's probably not a good idea to stick your hand over the fence.
He just smiles and contines to hold out biscuts. I keep taking from them and throwing them to my dog. but no, he insists on doing it himself.. Now remember all this time that we are discussing my unsocial dog, he is still barking,snarling and trying to eat through the fence to kill whatever is on the other side, then looks up and sees buddy guys hand holding a milkbone. So Montana leaps into the air almost taking the guys hand off to get the bone(still barking) I'm thinking "buddy keep walking or my dog is going to take you down" but he just smiles and contines fishing around in his bag for biscuts. We will see if he has a death wish and is back tomorrow

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Captain Dumbass said...

Make sure you get his whole body over the fence if Monty does get his arm. Then he can take care of the evidence and you save some money on dog food all at the same time.