Tuesday, March 16, 2010

RTT It's Tuesday, It's Random.........short and sweet!

Well at least there is always something to come up with on Random Tuesdays..because, hey! it's Random!!

So on the last day of spring break while I am putting my daughter to bed she informs me that she wants to skip school because she is too tired. When I tell her she can't she replies
"Well just to let you know ahead of time, I am going to be cranky!!"

Here is a picture of my new car,(Toyota Matrix) she is so pretty!!! I have never owned a new car before, but thought, now is the time, before our money hungry bastard goverment brings out the new HST tax!

Saw Alice in Wonderland over spring break with the fam, very cool. I love Tim Burton's warped mind

3D TV's....how cool is that!!! for $3000 you can get a 20' TV and for only $12,000 you can get yourself a 40'

Well I would love to say I have so much more to write, but I don't. So have a wonderful Tuesday and make sure to click on the link or go visit the lovely Keely to go see more randomness!!!


Captain Dumbass said...

You got a new car? New suck.

Maggie said...

I want to go see Alice!! Have a great Tuesday!! :)