Wednesday, June 1, 2011

wanna see something gross????

First off

I don't know why it's so hard to get on here and blog! Seriously! I always have something going on in my brain. Where have I been these past few months.....Here why don't I show you

April 15th 2011

This picture was taken a few days after I had surgery. Dr thought he was removing a cyst from my leg, turned out to be a tumor that started behind my knee and went halfway down my calf, wrapping itself around muscles,ligaments and tendons! Good times!!! I also have a tumor inside my tibia, they couldn't get that one so they just left it in there(Otherwise there would have been bone smashing????) Anyways before I go any farther tumors where benign. My leg was literaly brusied from ass to ankle! 29 staples and a nice 7 inch incision(so excited for bathing suit season!!!)
A few weeks after it had healed I was sitting in the couch with my knees up and my scar looked sad :(

7 weeks later and I am back to work. I just bought tickets to see my favorite band of ALL TIME!!!!! Pearl Jam. I also have started taking pictures again, so things are going well. Here are a few snapshots I took boating last weekend!


Jess said...

What the deuce! Good lord that looks painful! Glad you are healing!!!

wonderchris said...

WOW - that's an impressive scar! Happy to hear the tumors were benign - but still no fun at all!

Amazing pictures!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! I hope you are doing alright! I see you have been away from blogger as I have. Hope all is well!!