Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's been awhile...........

Ok, so I noticed I haven't blogged in awhile, Nov 26th to be exact. What have I been so busy doing that I can't find the time to blog?? I'm not sure. maybe shoveling snow,Christmas shopping battling the flu, more shoveling, Christmas cards,concerts, and a new Christmas tree(which I love)

So when I bought this tree I took my daughter with me, only problem was the box was to big to fit in the van, so I had to drive her home and drop all the seats to get it in!

My husbands Christmas party was a few weeks back, while driving up to Sun Peaks(ski hill) it poured rain......weird.

I took this shot on the way home of the North Thompson River, this is another one of my passanger window at 100km/h shot. I don't know why my husband won't stop on a windy corner in the rain. What I love about the picture is that fact that the river was so still.

Blah Blah Blah, I don't really have to much to say but I have lots of photo's. So The picture above was taken on December 7th, now on the 19th it looks a little differant

It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so cold, Monday it was -25. It's getting a little warmer, if only there was no wind, then it would be tolerable.

Here is my little gem! Now it irrates me that I didn't think of "Marley and Me" 5 years ago when I got my yellow lab. Are you kidding me? Ask any lab owner and they are thinking the same thing. I've had my lab on my kitchen table eating a plant,chsaing a poor woman in robes(that's a post in itself),eating rocks and having them surgically removed for $1500,chasing horses,howling in the car. The vet actually makes me stand outside with my dog until it's time for us to come in....seriously my dog is a freak! So here he is pictured with one of his babies(we go through about 1 a month) sometimes they last a little longer, as long as he doesn't do what he is doing above so much!

K whoa, that is way to much and what is scary is there is way to much more in my brain right now, but I'm sure my 2 and only 2 followers( thank you Mama Dawg and Captain Dumbass) have already fallen asleep. My own mother isn't even following my blog, sure she comments but come on mom!!!!


Mama Dawg said...

How do you keep them from eating rocks? I have a shephard and I've found a couple of rocks in his mouth (but none swallowed to date).

I LOVE your living room with the tree. Gorgeous color on the wall and it looks so Christmassy!


Captain Dumbass said...

If you want comments and followers you have to comment and follow other peoples blogs.

And do something about the temperature before we come up.