Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's been awhile

I guess it has been a little while since I wrote anything, but every time I have a second to sit in front of my computer I can't think of anything to say, I think I have permanent writers block......

So in the last week


I work a 24 hr shift it was a bit shitty....literally, in my line of work (Homecare) I get to say I had a shitty day, and so when someone who doesn't work in that business says they have had a shitty day, it annoys me a little.


Anyways after that I had two of my kids friends spend the night,which are also my friends kids, don't get confused keep up. Anyway the girl was feeling good and had to go home.Yada Yada Yada,


Lunch at Montana's, shopping at home depot with the kids my daughter actually lets out a high pitch scream before screwing up her face and growling "I hate home depot". (so we make sure to take her often). I actually tried to use a code word for it at lunch telling the hubby we have to go to HD. I wasn't clever enough cause sure enough there was a scream and another face scrunch followed by "I hate home dept!"


This morning my daughter doesn't feel well, so she stayed home from school, then I went to work monday night, after work I went to pick up a pantry for my newly painted kitchen. I arrive home Monday night with the unassembled pantry. My hubby reluctantly asks if I want him to put it together....sensing his eagerness I said told him not to worry about it.


I was supposed to have a dentist app this am, again daughter doesn't feel well, I ask her what wrong and she tells me her tummy hurts, more face scrunching( just in case your wondering what scrunching is, it is a face she has been doing since she was a baby, she's almost 7 now)

Here's my little baby long ago with her face scrunch.

Ok back to story. So after the face scrunch I ask her if she thinks she can go to school, she lets out a dramatic cough and then a few more follow up coughs. Coughing? I thought you had a tummy ache? So I say fine you can stay home. I usually make the kids spend the majority of the day in bed(if your too sick for school stay in bed) anyways they always end up wanting to go to school. (that's how I separate real from fake) Anyways she stayed home and I stared at the unopened box(which contained my pantry) on the floor. I can do this I thought. So I pulled everything out and managed to get it all assembled (yay for me!) Then I put it in the kitchen......hmm looks like we need another one. So I sent hubby to store to buy another we assembled it together, yes together, which works alot faster. Now it looks right!


Which is today, daughter decides to go to school I have some quiet time at home, after cleaning,laundry,filling new pantries, watching House and Fringe after they finish downloading. Then I pick the kids up from school, take them to gymnastics, head off to work.

Here is a picture of the boy taken about 8 years ago. Back before he could give me attitude and sarcastic remarks. sigh.


Mama Dawg said...

They are too adorable. Any pics of the pantries?

I keep forgetting you're in Canada and don't have this week off.

Captain Dumbass said...

Would you love me if I was a cyclops and my lone I was actually on fire?

jerlyn said...

Those pictures brought back memories. as far as the attitude
goes, maybe he'll be through with it by time he reaches teens!
As for home depot, maybe those tummy aches and coughs are cos she secretly knows you're planning on taking her up there after school.
Children can sense these things.

For your shitty day, you are absolutely right, most of us do not have the right to say that.
You've earned the right.