Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4 days and counting

Hmm, don't have anything to say today so I thought I would steal my 25 randam things about me list from facebook and post it here. Off to Mexico in 4 days, I will be blogging from there to keep in touch with my little ones..........

1. I married my high school crush, who is not only the love of my life, but my best friend!

2. I was worried when I was pregnant with Mikayla that I could not possibly love someone as much as I loved Dakoda,but like the grinch, my heart grew 3 sizes that day!

3. I have 16 tattoos and I still plan to get more.

4. I love taking pictures, since I got my new camera last year I have taken over 14,000 pictures, which takes up 40.GB on my computer.

5. I need for things to be symmetrical in my house.

6. I sometimes suffer from mild OCD (see #5)

7. My all time favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.

8. I drive a mini van, but pretend it's my old Subaru

9. I hate marshmallows

10. I love cheesy 80's horror movies.

11. I have over 50 stories that I have written.....one day I will finish one.

12. I've learned you can't stay mad at people forever...life is too short.

13. I still refer to Eddie Vedder as "my boyfriend"

14. I think Ice capades and Broadway shows involving puppets or costumes are freaky!!!

15. I'm so fortunate to have such amazing friends and family.

16. I still cry when I watch ET.

17. I wish I could spend more time with friends, life just gets so busy!

18. I have a new obsession with blogging

19. I love candy, and wished it was good for you.

20. One day I would love to go to Africa

21. I hope my children have a happy and memorable childhood.

22. I watch, and love America's Next Top Model.

23. I love gardening.

24. My favorite sound is my children's laughter

25. Finally, I secretly wish I could rule the world!!


Captain Dumbass said...

This was a pack of lies the first time I read it. Now it's just worse.

Captain Dumbass said...

I laughed, I cried, I came back for more.


Gripping and seat of your pants action...

A timeless classic...

Sure to please the whole family...

Mama Dawg said...

Those freakin' marshmallows are so disgusting. Seriously.

You're brother lives up to his name, doesn't he?

jerlyn said...

1st comment Cpt. Dumbass, bad, bad boy. Apologize to your sister right now,
or I'll come down there and sing
for you, if you're really bad, I
might even cook something for u.
So be afraid, very afraid! Ah, I see u've have rethought your behavior, you're lucky!
daughter...find out how to say
Strawberry allergy in Spanish!
Hope you love that area as much
as I did!