Thursday, January 7, 2010


Wow it's already time for another WTFriday!!!
I missed Random Tuesday thoughts this week, so I will give you some quick randomness before we get on with the 2nd addtion of WTFriday.

My sister-in-law finally had her baby on Dec 31st. Savannah came into the world weighing 10lbs, she is a beautiful little....well not so little girl.

My lovely daughter the other night was inside the house while the rest of the family was in the hot tub, so I threw a snowball at her through the window, then she yelled out the window "Screw you" So of course I look at my son, and ask him "Where did she here that?" to which he replied "I only said it once!

Peanut butter gets gum off your child's face

Today I snowboarded for the first time, I didn't do to bad, the hot Australian instructor didn't hurt either! Ayways I was doing alright til I crash landed HARD on my tailbone, now I am not feeling so great, I hope it goes away by Saturday so I can go out again.
And now I will share some pictures with you for WTFriday!

Belgian Blue Cattle

Gotta love translation!

Can you see the guy in the picture? No photo shopping this guy actually paints himself to blend in with his picture!

Another great translation

Ultra violet tatoos!!

And last but not least, a crazy wave pool in get a better feel for it check out the video below. Have a great weekend everyone!


Vodka Logic said...

I found the guy in picture with the bulldozer.. cool.

That wave pool is certainly crowded.. yowzer

Brian Miller said...

congrats on the new baby! still looking for

Jess said...

I can't imagine that being refreshing with that many people in there. Ew. And the pee. Double Ew.

disa said...
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corvedacosta said...

Congrats on the baby.

The statement your child made-clearly u have certain expectations in the home - but they hear worse than that at school and on the streets.

When they r good at home - be happy

otin said...

That picture is not photo shopped? That is an amazing thing then.

It is nice to have another family member. Congratulations to your SIL and her family.

I think the Chinese guy did not like the chinese writing on that sign! lmao!!