Friday, February 12, 2010


This year I decided to take up snowboarding, I tried it a few times and just wasn't really enjoying it to much, so I thought I would try skiing!!! so today I decided to let my kids skip school this afternoon and go skiing!!! Here in BC it has been raining mostly all winter, we had a few snowfalls back in December, but it has been raining ever since. So when we arrived at the ski hill today (which hasn't had too much snow this year) it was snowing like crazy!!! We were all stoked to hit the slopes. My kiddies went off skiing while I took my first ski lesson. I rocked! I did everything right and was having a blast, didn't fall once!

So at the end of my lesson my instructor asked if I wanted to go to the top of the hill. I said "sure" because hey, I was unstoppable today!! Big Mistake. When I got to the top of the mountain and looked down my first thought was "Oh shit, what have I done". Not wanting to look like a wimp I headed down. I got going to fast and couldn't slow down, sure enough I felt myself falling. Now, when you fall on a snowboard you either fall backwards onto your tailbone(which I did my first lesson) Or you fall forward, using your wrists(which I did my second time) With skiing, well you can pretty much fall anyway. So I fell and landed on my elbow, yes my elbow, twisting my knee in the process. I got back up and skiied the rest of the way down the hill. When I got to the bottom I could feel a slight throbbing in my elbow and noticed I couldn't straighten it. I headed to the lodge, and while on my way up the stairs I noticed my fingers were tingling. not such a good sign. I saw the medic there, and he told me I had to get someone to come get me and drive me to the hospital. Um not going to happen. So he made me a sling for my arm and I drove myself to the hospital, a nice 30 min drive.
Once I got to the hospital and got my xrays done the dr told me that my elbow joint was swollen and he figures there is a small fracture there, but he has to xray it again in a week to wait for the swelling to go down. GREAT! Now I can't work, and I will probably miss out the rest of the season. Well at least I have time to catch up on everyones blogs.

Just so you feel extra sorry for me, it took me forever to type this because I can only use my one hand :(


otin said...

Aww, that sucks, but as far as the typing goes, you are probably still faster than me! lol

I actually hated skiing while it was actually snowing. It made it hard to see.

Brian Miller said...

and it sure was fun earning the ding eh? used to ski all the time...time i messed up my legs...

steenky bee said...

Yes..but will you ever be able to play the piano again?...while snowboarding.

So sorry to hear about your injury. :(

Captain Dumbass said...

You're comment makes so much sense now. Actually, mom called to tell me.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything is alright now and your pains and aches will go away.

You will get better if this was on the first day.

Lori said...

Ow! You poor thing! What a story and I'm very impressed at your level of commitment. It's tough as heck typing with one hand. Hope the second xray shows no worse.

jerlyn said...

yes, I do feel very, very sorry
for you. Hmmm...think I'll think
2x about trying skiing again after
25 years, might mess up my golf.
Hope your arm is better soon!