Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RTT Soul train,Olympics and so much more


wow, it has been awhile since I did a Random Tuesday thought, but since I am still sitting around with a fractured elbow, there isn't really to much else to do. Now I have time to catch up on blogs, also need to find some new ones as well....any suggestions???

So anyone else watching the Olympics think that the slow motion recaps are just a little to slow, kinda freaky slow....maybe it's just me. maybe it's the vicadin......

My cat barfed up a few hair elastics the other day? WTF why would he eat hair elastics?

I'm a little sad that the Olympics are only 3 hours away and I can't make it down there, I would love to go this weekend, but my family(ungrateful bastards) are going skiing for the weekend.

If I hear one more referance to the Olympics regarding my elbow I might just punch someone. Just because I hurt it skiing and the Olympics happen to be on.....not so funny!

How awesome are these guys!!!!!
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Ok that's all I got.


surprised mom said...

I never could move like that, even when I was a teenager.

As for your elbow, sorry you hurt it and can't go skiing with your family, you know, the ungrateful ones. I'm even sorrier you're so close to the Olympics and can't see them in person.

Captain Dumbass said...

Holy crap, that was awesome. The 'fro needs to come back.

otin said...

Somehow or another, I just cannot get into the olympics. Maybe it is the fact that the North Carolina mts have more snow than the Canadian ones lol!

otin said...

right now I am pretty much down to responding to comments, so if you post any more pics on your other blog(You should) then give me a heads up like a comment or an email!

steenky bee said...

I think it's the Vicodin. And my kitties? The request the strangest treats. They both love to bite or chew through stretched out elastics or rubber bands. I bring a wadfull home from work every so often and they sit and chew chew (I only let them break them while I have them stretched out.) I'm not explaining myself at all. Also? That dance? I can totally move like that.

jerlyn said...

Cheer up, the para olympics will be
much cheaper! (no pun on your
sad arm intended). Go invade the
Dumbasses. They are keeping a bunch of the free exhibits in
downtown Van and there will be much lower crowds.
Think Canada's done awesome.
Hey, we even had 5 days of sunshine!

Maggie said...

Hi Melanie, I appreciate you stopping by my blog and commenting. :) Any friend of Otin is a friend of mine. ;)

just making my way said...

I'm sorry about your elbow. I promise to make no references to you and the Olympics.

And that video? I guess there were a lot of bra burners in that crowd. The sweater vest kid kind of freaked me out.