Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RTT Terminator mommy and weather network fame!!


I almost missed Random Tuesday, what was I thinking, maybe nothing because it is 38 degrees here(that's 100 for my American friends), people are literally melting on the sidewalk....seriously. So I put my lightning picture on the weather network and it has been viewed 678 times!! yay for me. Go check it out Weather
I had a dream the other night that my brother(the one who doesn't blog)and I were at a carnival having a great time, then we called my mom to come pick us up. When she arrived she was the terminator(creepy music included) and she chased us around trying to kill us........

We had company this weekend, lots of fun, my little neice Kayleela is so adorable and she loves my son so much, she follows him everywhere holding his hand and was always by his side. so cute

I really don't have to much to say this week, but like always I have photos

This is one of my new favorite pictures!!!

Here's a shot of me and the boy giving our angry faces!
that's it, Go check out the Unmom to join in on the fun!!!


Captain Dumbass said...

Our American friends won't understand 38 degrees, they'll just wonder what those weird Canadians are doing complaining when it's so cold here.

Beth said...

I used to teach students how to use the conversion scale so I actually DO understand the celsius temps. That and the various exchange students from the Czech Repub that lived with us for 3 year still needed a celsius calculation. The American way was just not acceptable for them.

You and your son with the mad look... hilarious.

Salacious Soul said...

Awesome shots!

Your Mum sounds really scary! I dream about terminator and transformers a lot too.

Captain Dumbass said...


Toni said...

We work in centigrade in the UK and it gets confusing as hell when I go to the states and they say its in the 80s! I would try and work it out for myself but, well, I don't care enough :-P

Keely said...

Your mother was chasing you around trying to kill you? Wow, Freud would have a field day with that one.

I'm really not going to enjoy our Vancouver visit in a couple of weeks if those temperatures hold. Can you help your brother do something about that? Put in a request?

surprised mom said...

I checked out your lightning shot. Wow! Impressive.

I'm afraid Captain is correct. I can't calculate between Celsius and Fahrenheit. (I can't spell them either. I had to look both words up.) 38 degrees sounds cold, but then I know it's summer and it couldn't be that cold.

As for your dream? Well, that was interesting.

Kayleela is a cutie and so is your son!