Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's that time of the week again, Random Tuesday people, grab the button and join in on the madness!!!

Where to begin. I hate that I have to drive every morning to get a coffee, yes I own a coffee pot, but ever since I started drinking Tim Horton's coffee everything else tastes yucky!!!
It's supposed to be freaking hot this week, like high 30's(that's around 100 F) Gross, I hate it when it is that hot.
Mosquitoes are truly evil, they are plaguing my province, probably everywhere else too, they are evil little freaks of nature, If I go outside for long periods of time I might need a transfusion
I love when my cat meows at me and no sound comes out, it's the cutest thing.
I started reading the book My sisters keeper, I like reading the book before I watch the movie. Holy Randomness Batman!!!
My son caught his first fish this past weekend, he was very excited, drop by his blog and check it out DakodaD

Last weekend we went camping at a KOA, I love KOA's, we got one of their little cabins, I love not having to set up a tent. Also the pool,games room, mini golf, restaurant, showers, laundry and free wireless internet was pretty cool too. Gotta love roughing it. On our camping trip we went for a boat ride and found a cool campsite that you could only access by boat. My daughter and I wandered off to go find an outhouse after trying to attempt showing her how to squat and pee
Me : just make sure you don't pee on your shoes
Mik: Mom
Me: yes hun
Mik: sometimes I wish I had boy private parts, it would be so much easier sometimes

We wandered off to find an outhouse and got lost in the dense forest. I tried to remain calm while my brain was freaking out and replaying scenes from the Blair Witch Project, Friday the 13th, and any other movie involving ghosts, serial killers in forests. Long story short, we were found. Here are some pictures from the weekend

Us in front of our cabin

My son, realizing he caught a fish!!!

My daughter warning us of the waves

Helmcken Falls, near our campground

Little lake near our campground


Captain Dumbass said...

You'd think boy parts would be easier, but when I tried to get Liam to pee behind a picnic table because we were too far from a toilet he let his shirt fall over his equipment while it was in use. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

That is a beautiful campground. I may have to look into the KOA.

jiggins said...

The look on your son's face when he caught that fish is priceless!

Missy said...

Great randomness. Sounds like you had fun camping. BTW, you are a blogger after my own heart. Being a tattooed mom and all.


Dana's Brain said...

That would be my idea of roughing it too. Maybe with some room service thrown in.

Let me know what you think of that book? I thought I started that book recently except it actually was, "My Sister's Keeper." Which was pretty good.

Keely said...

Glad I"m not in BC this year then. I'm like crack for mosquitos, I swear. And if I scratch the bites they swell up to the size of a golf ball.

Which, speaking of crack, is what I'm pretty sure Timmy's puts in their coffee.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

What a gorgeous place! I'd love to go camping there.

I have another blogger friend who has told me all about Tim Horton's coffee. We don't have one in Hawaii...

kyooty said...

first time poster first time reader, what great shots of a fun trip!
I've got 3 with boy parts and still we have potty issues.

Jen said...

I love waterfalls!! That one is really pretty. We don't do a lot of camping but I can't help but think of Blair Witch on the few occasions we've gone. Stupid movie, but definitely creepy!

jerlyn said...

so glad you had such a good time.
Dakoda looked so thrilled and Mik
looked like she was Cpt. Bligh,
in charge of the boat and screaming out orders.
Please keep the mosiquitoes down
as to Tim Hortons addiction, don't
order a Carmel Latte on ice, u'll
be having to make 2 trips a day.
They are yummy!