Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zombie Dogs,Pole Dancing and Great Kid Quotes

Wow, with all the junk I have ready to spew out you would think it was for Random Tuesday, I guess it is still technically Tuesday but I already posted for that. Hmm maybe we will call this post random Tuesday thoughts that should have been posted earlier so it could have been my random Tuesday post.....
I had mentioned in my last two posts about the hell hounds that have moved in next door Since there arrival I have had my digital camera(set on video mode) sitting beside my kitchen window, trying to catch the beasts that live next door and the vile sounds that come from their psychotic mouths. So this morning my timing work and I captured it on video. This is mild compared to most days but you will still get the picture. This goes on all day and night. Do they make prozac for pooches.

Now onto pole dancing. The other day I was going to pick up dog food and I saw a group of younger kids, all drunk apparently cause hey it was 4:30pm, who isn't wandering around the streets pissed and looking for a fight. So this group of drunks picks a fight with another group of drunks, then they both stagger off in different directions. Not before a classy young lady who is wearing a skirt that barely covers her ass, decides to swing on the bus pole and do a little pole dancing for the lucky folks driving home from work. Classy!

Lastly I leave you with a conversation with the family this evening
My husband(talking to my daughter) Hunny, your dress is tucked into your underwear
Mik: Huh?
Me: that's nice
Dakoda: Or as Auntie Lanna would say....that's HOT!!!!!


Michel said...

they actually DO make prozac for dogs!! I had to get poodies some! He tried to eat them all one day after drafting a goodbye cruel world note, but he's as lazy as I am and didn't finish the bottle.

AND NOW ONTO POLE DANCING. I love that you can use that in your conversations! I may have to adopt that during work when I think nobody is listening to me....

KMcJoseph said...

They do actually make Prozac for dogs. (Not kidding) My co-workers dog is on it.

Dana's Brain said...

Those dogs need some serious drugs. That was horrible!

Let's keep the doggie prozac away from the pole dancers though - takes away all their energy.

Captain Dumbass said...

Ah, I miss my home town.

ModernMom said...

Those dogs would make me nuts!

jerlyn said...

you can always count on Dakoda
to come up with a pithy comment.
When I told him about the car
accident, his first question was
"are u going to sue them?"
That's our boy!

Better tells those dogs to shut up before Saturday!