Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm celebrating my 29th birthday tomorrow.....for the 5th time!!!


This has been an awesome week over here. Christmas went well, the kids were happy with all their loot!

We got a call on boxing day that we won 2 adult season passes to Sun Peaks (our large over priced ski hill) So that's cool. This year we are skiing at a smaller"family orientated" ski hill. Which was alot less money!! but next year we only have to buy the kids passes, so that was freaking awesome!!!

I got a new couch(sectional) for Christmas. I bought the couch on the 27th and came home and told my hubby that it wasn't very big. Some sectionals look gigantic and this one looked quite a bit smaller.....til I got it in my living room and realized....."Oh right, of course it would look small in a enormas furniture showroom"(which by the way is a few sq feet larger than my loving room.) Oh well it still looks great, now if I can keep the dog,cat and children from touching it, it will stay pretty.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will forever be 29!! but if you are smart at math then you can figure out how old I actually am. I am going snowboarding tomorrow for the first time, so I get to spend my birthday cold, and falling on my ass!

I got the new Stephen King book (The Dome) for Christmas, great book, but damn it's flipping heavy to hold!

Other cool news, my mom and I are going on an Alaskan Cruise in May, and she just found a better deal than what we had originally, so we are a few decks higher and have a picture window in our room!!! I can't wait, my mom and I have never travelled anywhere together so It is about time!!!

My son got a couple of GC for West 49(cool clothes store) because now he has entered THAT stage

That's all I got for today, click on the RTT button above, and see what all the cool kids are doing!


Brian Miller said...

nice. sounds like you had a great christmas...happy 29thhhhh lol. cant wait to read "the dome". i got his sunsets short story book...pretty amazing.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on scoring some free skiing passes. That sounds awesome!

Joanie M said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm jealous of the cruise! my dream is to go on an Alaskan Cruisetour (a week on the ship, a week touring the interior via train) One fo these days.

BeautifulWreck said...

The 30s are fabulous! Why would you ever want to stay in your 20s. Happy Birthday any way... :)

otin said...

If you say that you are 29, then who am I to argue!?

No more my life as a kid posts? I think he is on my blogroll!

Kids and pets will destroy all furniture!

And I wish that I could go skiing again. Money and location squash that.

Happy Birthday!

Jess said...

YAY for birthday!!!! Happy birthday!!!

Good luck snowboarding...I personally think it is of the devil...so I gave up when I skidded down the hill on my ass and realized I was sliding past a lodge...WITH BEER! The beer was WAY better than that stupid snowboarding booshwa! But I am sure you will do great! :) Everyone else in my crew were regular professionals at it!