Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RTT brrrr it'd freaking cold up here!!!!!


This site is so freaking cool!!! Especially if you have young ones.

hmmm randomness. I had a failed photo shoot last night, which really sucks because time is not my friend right now. I set up my living room like a freaking studio last night, strategically placed everything for the perfect Christmas picture......ya not so much. Moving children and improper photography lighting= bad pics. So I will have to make my hubby do them tonight because I work, and tomorrow is my kids Christmas concert and so on.

It is damn freaking cold here right now. I know what you are thinking, you live in Canada and you should be used to it. WELL I AM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weather this week is usually weather we have in January. This morning it was -14 (That is about 6.8 F for my American Friends)

Some freak in our city right now is sending hand written letters to the elementary schools, explaining in sick explicit detail on what he wants to do to young girls.WTF? Then another letter was sent saying that they were going to kidnap a young girl this week. scary.

I have decided to take up snowboarding this year, only problem is there is no snow on the mountain yet....well there is a little snow, but not enough to board on. I know what your thinking it's -14 and there is no snow....in Canada???? Seriously. Yes....♫♫♫.I'm dreaming of a brown Christmas.........♫♫

Does anyone actually like the song The little Drummer boy??? It F*#king annoys the hell out of me, always has, and I have yet to find someone who actually does like it.

I have this program on my new laptop(yes new, I broke my other one....just in time for Christmas) Anyways it has this fun webcam video program that you can play with, the kids love it. I have a few to share with you. The first one is long so if you don't watch it all I will understand, I and my children will be crushed and maybe even cry a little, but I will understand. The second video is why I sleep with a crowbar under my bed...........

Happy Tuesday All!!!!!! Don't forget to swing by the fabulous Keely's and check out more RTT


Brian Miller said...

ok, going to find a crowbar...

the first vid will mess with your mind as well...crazy effects...


otin said...

If you twist the words to little drummer boy and make it X rated by singing Little ...... Boy, it takes on a whole new meaning! LOL!

It is cold there! I was pissed today because it was in the forties!

Always nice seeing you!

Jess said...

I am just giggling over here thinking how proud Uncle Capt D would be of such a cute little zombie!!

The first video was WAY cool! I loved it! And I was dancing. A little. Alot.

jerlyn said...

both videos were very cool. Think I'm afraid to have little zombie
out here. Scary!!! They are so
creative, just loved the first one.
and yeah I love Little Drummer Boy,
so sue me, I'm your Mother.
I'll have to give u a copy of Big
Red's favorite Christmas songs.
They are just Wrong!

Captain Dumbass said...

Miki scared the hell out of me. And snowboarding? With your knees?

Santa Claus said...

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from me and my buddy, Otin!!