Friday, January 30, 2009

Todays letter is L

I'm taking part in the letter game from Chris over at Coke On My Keyboard. The letter chosen for me is L so here I go.

1. Leaves: I love leaves, especially in the fall when they are changing colours, and raking them into a huge pile so the little ones can spend countless hours jumping and playing in them.

2. Laughter: I love laughter, especially people with crazy laughs! my daughter has so many different laughs, that it makes me laugh to hear it. laugh, laugh,laugh....ever say a word to many times then it does not make sense anymore?

3. Lost: One of my favorite TV shows, keeps ya guessing and the men aren't that bad to look at either!!

4. L@#$%: That's my moms name(didn't want to put it down, she is a fellow blogger and don't know if she wants her name on here. She is an amazing woman and I'm proud to be her daughter.

5. Lettuce: can't make a salad without it!

6. Lily's: They are one of my favorite flowers, also the name of my Nana.

7. Licorice,Life Savors,Lolly pops: that should count as 3 but since it's all in the same category I will still come up with 3 more L words

8. Life: cause hey...none of us would be here without it!

9. Lottery: One day I will win it.....I guess I have to start buying tickets first!

10. Lysol: cause we could all live without nasty germs !!

So there is my list, I'm supposed to ask other people to play, so if you want to, leave a message for me and I will pick a letter for you,and thanks again Chris for not giving me X or Q


Mama Dawg said...

I love leaves and laughter, too. Sometimes they even go together when my daughter jumps in the leaf pile!

I want a letter!

Chris said...

LOL - You don't know how much I wanted to give you one of those letters. Great list!

Chris said...

Oh... and #2... that reminded me of Chris Farley & road, road, roooo-ad.

Captain Dumbass said...

Lost. What letter comes before L? K. Kate. Kaaaaaate.

jerlyn said...

I'll play, can I have a good letter? Since we got 18 inches of new snow last night, think I'll be inside for awhile.
PS Thank you for #4, made my