Thursday, January 29, 2009

I have discovered photo shop

I would like to thank my husband for patiently teaching me photo shop! It's my new found love!!! Especially since I realized you can get rid of blemishes andwrinkles....YAY! Anyways here are a few that I have been playing around with. So far I have just been playing around with black and white photo's with a few things in colour!

This is a shot from my friends wedding that I did. It's one of my
favorite shots.

Here is one of my little girl.

Here's the boy hanging out in the creek

This picture was taken in 3 Valley Gap, just outside of Revelstoke,BC

This one is of my daughter at the pumpkin patch!


Chris said...

Absolutely awesome! I've tried to create pictures like that more than once and always fail miserably.

Chris said...

Your letter for this challenge... is X. LOL I'm just kidding. It's really Q. Mwahahaha.

I'll pick the letter L because it's the first letter on this here captcha thingy. Good luck =D

Mama Dawg said...

That looks AWESOME!

Captain Dumbass said...

I wish I could do that. But I'd want to learn how to use it to blackmail.