Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's that time again....Random Tuesday Brain Farts... I mean thoughts

Oh where to begin.... I had a yard sale this weekend, thankfully we got rid of almost everything, including our microwave. Yes we got rid of it because they are evil, not evil hunt you down and kill you while you are sleeping but changing the molecular structure of your food evil, so we decided to get rid of it, we don't really use it anyways other than microwave popcorn(which I just found out carries the same crap as the plastic bottles you aren't suppose to use) But however there are times when one needs a microwave, like when you buy and extra large double double at Tim Horton's and can't quite suck it back fast enough....sigh.

Also this weekend I bought my son a poster, he has just moved his room down to the basement and wanted some posters, so he picked one out that had a huge skull on it. ok, that's fine. Til I bring the freaking thing home and hang it up. The skull is covered in little satanic symbols WTF???? So I had to get rid of that quick, had to bribe the boy, traded him the poster for 2 different, non satanic posters.

Here's a great conversation between me and my son and his friend after going to a track meet

Me: How did you guys do?
The Boy: We didn't even place, those other kids were so good
The Boy's Friend: Ya the kids from Parkcrest are on steroids
Me:Umm I don't think so
The Boy's Friend: Ya they are man, the whole school takes steroids, that's why they are so fast
Me: Maybe they just practiced more than you
The boy: Whatever

Here's another gem of a conversation. My son wanted a pair of Croc's, you know those fugly shoes that everybody seems to own, which I swore I would never own. But my son wanted a pair so

Father and son are eating breakfast while I try to sneak in a few more moments of sleep before getting up
The Boy: Hey dad, mom bought me a pair of those shoes...you know cocks
Dad: Um I think you mean crocs
The Boy: Oh ya, right crocs

What other randomness can I give you. Went and saw a specialist(the same guy who has done all 5 of my knee surgeries) So I am sitting in his office and he looks and me and says that my knee doesn't look swollen. Are you freaking kidding me? Um ya well it was the size of a football 7 weeks ago when I made the app. Then he tells me to wait til it swells again then I am to come in immediatly so he can stick a giant needle in my knee to suck out the fluid to see what it is....Good times people, good times.

Lastly if my brother reads this it should be a post for his He blogs/She blogs blog.

What is the deal with nakedness in the public pool change rooms. Now I am not a prude or anything but I am not one to flash my junk in the change room. I always go into the change room or bathroom and get changed there. I started taking my kids to the YMCA for swimming lessons, and they leave a few lanes open for lap swimmers. So the other day I was taking my kids to go swimming before their lessons, we were heading back to the change room so I could get dressed. When you head into the change room you walk through the showers then a narrow( and when I say narrow I mean narrow when you have to walk by a naked woman) so my daughter and I walk in and there is this naked woman late 40's maybe early 50's standing in the narrow hallway butt freaking naked with a towel over her head and she was drying her hair, now people get a visual, naked lady, narrow hallway, vigorously towel drying of hair, body parts shaking, wide eyed 7 year old, mom trying to squeeze her and her daughter by without contact. So that's my randomness for this Tuesday, click on the button and join in on the madness!!!!


I'll leave you with a few photo's
Went to check in on my kids the other day to see what they were up to......

This is one of my favorite pics of my daughter taken years ago.

And here is one of my son 8 years ago....they grow so fast!


Jess said...

Good lord! How many knee surgeries!??! And that whole sucking the fluid out of your knee thing hurts like mother effin beyotch! I was pretty sure he had just thrown a lance through my knee, but it was just a needle the size of his arm! Ohhh, I know you are looking forward to it now!!

Swoozie said...

Great RTT! Love all the pics....especially the one with your daughter holding the flower with! Beautiful!

And #!*#!* to your knee doctor for his comment! What a jerk.....

Captain Dumbass said...

You should have used your good leg to kick him in the knee. Still trying to think up a joke about jiggly nudity.

otin said...

I love the conversations between mothers and children, it is always a train wreck LMAO!

Hit 40 said...

What cuties!! (your kids)

Naked old people scare me!!! I do not want to know what I will look like in 40 more years! Do they do this for shock value? REALLY?? Nothing better to do. I never see young cute ones running around naked!!

Bex said...

yikes! and i thought i was special bc i had one knee surgery. no worries, i'm a runner so i'll surely catch up with you sooner or later (in the knee surgery dept - not running, well, maybe running too depending on how fast you run. i digress...)

great randomness!

Keely said...

You have to WAIT until it's swollen again? I love our medical system.

I really don't understand why people have to dry their hair naked. Put a frakkin shirt on FIRST. I promise it won't make your hair dry slower.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

I think your daughter may be scared for life with those shaking boobies!

Dana's Brain said...

You have just totally convinced me never to join a YMCA.

jerlyn said...

as u once so aptly put it "Spandex
should be a privilege, not a Right!: So should nudity in the
change rooms.

and ah things kids say. The boy
told me last weekend, that there
were places on computer he couldn't go cos of their "sexual
content. They weren't appropriate
for children.
Damn, had never even heard the word sex, at 9.

ps the kids were a sensation at
the Senior Respite Centre demoning
their Karate!