Saturday, May 23, 2009

Death of a Spider

Camera Critters

This week it's all about spiders. I caught this guy last year...another spider tried to hang out in his web...........

He made short work of that little guy!!!!


Wendy said...

Ew, creepy yet COOL!

Dana's Brain said...

Love the giant spiders! We used to see a lot of really cool ones when we lived in Key West. Not so much in the Northeast.

I'm all good with spiders, as long as the scary ones stay out of my house!

Captain Dumbass said...

You should check out the spider Jess caught over at This Life is Mine. Freakin alien.

jerlyn said...

National Geographic grade pictures.
Don't get too close.
Had a ball with the kids this
Everyone who met them commented on
how polite they were!

Jess said...

Mom always said to call before you visited someone's house...hummm, it all makes sense now.