Tuesday, May 5, 2009



So I realized it has been a week since I sat down and wrote? Have I been busy? Not overly. Sometimes I just find it hard to write something interesting, but every week Tuesday comes along and Hello! It's random thoughts people there is not to much brain work in that. So here I go

Last Friday it was my friends(ya you blogger stalker)birthday, so we decided to head out for our second annual birthday Tattoo and lunch day. Well really second annual for her with the tattoos, I got #18 done. I didn't really have a tattoo that I NEEDED at the moment, but hey, I can't go into Rocky's Tattoo parlor and not get some ink! Si I decided on a small one on my wrist, after It was done I realized I needed to get the other one touched up so it is as bright as the new one!

I had a crazy dream the other night and what better day to share it than today. So In my dream we decided to have another baby, only I couldn't carry it so my husband did (I know, right!) anyways he went and had the baby and forgot to tell me(typical man) so It was now 4 or 5 days after he had the baby that he decided to tell me (I guess he was still really fat and I didn't notice?) anyways I started freaking out and screaming at him that If I didn't bond with the child in the first 2 days it was useless. then I woke up.

My knee is still sore, but I have to work, bitch,bitch,bitch, I know but hey! I need to get the hours because If I leave work now on a med leave then once I see the specialist in a month and tells me I need surgery and can possible have it done in 6 months....well then I will probably need the med leave then.

What else........ here's some more front yard pictures, I think I might just change my blog into just pictures, because I always have those!!!

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Captain Dumbass said...

Did Craig have the glo?

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

Cute pictures and funny dream!

I am thinking about getting a wrist tattoo too! I am thinking some kind of symbol with my kids initials or names or something. Any ideas?

jerlyn said...

Did you enjoy the fact that Craig
had to carry the baby, at least
up until the time he forgot to
mention that he'd had it?
Can't get a man to do a Woman's job