Saturday, August 1, 2009

Deadly Dicks and Braided Butt Leaders!!!

Bet that grabbed your attention hey!
So today I met my friend at the lake to hang out for the day. He loves photography as much as I do so we spent the day taking pics while the fam boated,swam and enjoyed the heat!!! We wandered into the store at the campsite and came across these, and almost died laughing.

Then just when we thought it couldn't get any better........

Seriously, who names these things????

Here are some more photo's from our day.

This picture is cropped because the eagle was way up in the sky.

Cool shot of the sun through the trees

Here is Mikkii with the frog she found

My squishy faced boy

Here's a shot of the lake.

And finally a jackknifed truck across the road on our way home.


Captain Dumbass said...

Reduces un-natural drag. Thank goodness.

Salacious Soul said...

Deadly Dicks! You got me all excited for nothing. ha ha, lovely shots as always.

mo.stoneskin said...

The eagle photo is phenomenal.

otin said...

I have a deadly dick! Seriously, I caught a Spanish Mackeral with it! I love your photos, they are so vivid!

CK Lunchbox said...

Yeah, what in the world? Have you ever read FAIL blog and seen all the weird stuff that products get advertised as? Here's a couple to laugh at

You should submit your pics

Dana's Brain said...

Great shots! Your brother beat me to it *shaking fist* - I was just going to comment on the "unnatural drag" of the butt leaders!

Beth said...

Some great pictures! I love finding things so ridiculously named.

As for the squishy faced boy, they just do that. I finally made me youngest son quit putting his hand up in front of the camera and to pay me back he will only strike a Zoolander pose. Idiot!

jerlyn said...

between you and your brother, you
seem a little obsessive about
that aside, great pictures,
glad you missed that big semi.
Guess I won't be able to chase
you and your "other" brother around any more, since he passed his RCMP test. YEAHHHH!!!
We're all totally stoked and proud of him.
So now all 3 of you are so cool,
Cpt. Dumbass is big in Utah, you're
huge on the Weathernetwork and
A. is going to be "the man!"

onangelwings said...

What a great trip. I loved seeing it through your eyes. Or, the eyes of the camera. Same thing right? As for the tractor trailer. glad you guys were involved in that mess.

Deadly dick! Interesting.

Middle Aged Woman said...

I thought dicks were just wiggly.