Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pictures from Pine Park

There is this amazing park near our house that has beautiful scenery and natural water springs everywhere. We went there for a hike last night before dinner and we got some great shots. I Love the fall!!!!

Sometimes, because of all the springs the path is washed out, so you have to find ways around, or through it!

There is even an old playground out there.

My daughter and I

My son and I


ModernMom said...

Your park pics are some of my favorites yet! Love the clolurs in that first one!

otin said...

Believe it or not, some of those pictures looked like where I grew up in New Jersey.

The black and whites of you and the children were wonderful.

surprised mom said...

Ditto on loving the fall! You captured the season so wonderfully.

I love what you did with the swings in the old playground photo.

And the photos of you and your children, precious.

Hit 40 said...

Great pictures! I love black and white. I have trouble seeing the beauty of fall with the gloom of winter breathing down behind it.

jerlyn said...

i wanna go on some of your walks,
they are beautiful. Send me those
pics of you and kids, they are
ps we had 11 kids last night, so
we're busy chomping down on candy