Tuesday, October 6, 2009

RTT Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my

Ok, I lied it's only tigers. These guys deserve what they got!!!

It's Tuesday, I am supposed to have random thoughts, hmmm, we are supposed to have a chance of snow of Sunday, brrrr.

I recently read a few zombie books, World War Z, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and it got me thinking, what's with all the zombie stuff lately? Does the government know something we don't. Whatever I will be prepared to kick some undead ass if I have to!!!!

We have decided not to move because there is nothing out there that we want in the price range we can afford, so I will probably have to get a second job to pay for our existing place *cue the violins*

Why do some people think they can take a classic song and remake it? Why almost all of the suck, My personal most hated remix of all time is Madonna's American Pie!!! What's yours?

MMMM thanksgiving(for us Canadians) is next weekend I am having a bunch of friends over for dinner, I love pumpkin pie!!!!!!

The following weekend the dumbass family is coming out for a visit, so we will have our usual calm sedated dinner for 20+

This Halloween I am actually going out myself, after I take the kids trick or treating, I'm super excited, I bought a costume, I am going as the sexy cop....so I can't eat for the next 3 weeks, whatever It will be fun!

Here is a darling conversation with my daughter
Me: *smelling her hair* I love the way your hair smells, I could smell it all day
Mik: *smelling my hair* Your hair doesn't smell.....but your heart smells and I love you
Me:umm thanks, I think?
I am going to leave you with a link to my last blog, only because I worked for awhile on this picture and wanted more people to see it, shameless plug I know, but whatever you are here anyways!!!!!
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Captain Dumbass said...

You've got stinky heart.

Swoozie said...

Have a fun time with the Dumbass family. A nice quiet sedated family dinner sounds just about right.........MWAH!!!!

Enjoyed your Angels and Demons!

Mama Dawg said...

20+ INCLUDING the Dumbasses? You got enough Xanax?

I totally get where you're coming from on the Zombie front.

otin said...

I hated that Ugly Kid Joe version of Cats in the Cradle!

I have a zombie type story that I am going to put up this weekend, it is pretty gross! :)

ModernMom said...

What did that guy think would happen right?

Oh and I love love me some pumpkin pie.

jerlyn said...

Ah, our little girl, tells you
that your heart smells. She told
me I had a happy face under my
I agree about the Madonna makeover
song. If somethings great, why change it.
Want me to bring the Valium for
Dumbass visit. I think I can get
it at Costco in the Giant Economy
Covenient Bulk Pack.
Absolutely love the Good Witch, Bad Witch picture. Please put
it on my fire stick.

Christine Gram said...

Don't worry, my kids love the way I stink too. Always reminds me of that freak character on SNL that likes smelling her armpits. They do the same eye rolling, half-drugged, state of bliss. Must be a mother thing.