Saturday, November 8, 2008

Another day, another tale

Well where do I start. Last night we headed out to the Chris Cornell concert, kids were stoked,mom and dad were stoked! We arrive downtown to a dead parking lot, I'm talking 10-15 cars???not a good sign. When we get to the show they tell us we have to exchange our seats for new ones??? WTF! We had chosen are seats carefully. At the coliseum there are only 3 rows of seats on the upper balcony, yes it is farther away but less people means less drunks,less language and less narcotics. So we get our new seats down below in general population. We wander in, not many people there was a little surprized. We found our seats and waited for the show to begin. Mobile was the opening band, as they started up the kids put on there gigantic ear protecters(like the old school headphones) and jumped up! All was going well, kids were rocking....all was good. Then when the opening act finished it took about 45 min to prep for were getting restless. Now the fun begins.
"I've never F*#king been to Kamloops" He screams. I look down at wide eyes, It's all good I was expecting some language. At this point my daughter wants to climb up in my lapFor a better view you ask? No so she can go to sleep! Right on! Now remember we are down with the others now, not safely tucked away up in the balcony. Two guys sitting in front of us decide it's time to blaze up(That's smoking a joint) Because hey! who doesn't do that, why if my kids weren't with me................
My son horrified grabs his dads arm to tell him whats going on. But one joint isn't good enough, they both have to light up. nice. So after that we had to move. Once we left our seats we just stood around at the main floor area and watched from there for a few minutes.
New scene, picture drunk middle aged man, reliving his glory days with a cheap beer and some good friends. He sees us and decides that we would love him to come and slur,spit and scream in our ear. He is apparently impressed that we have decided to bring our kids, and proceeds to tell us about his father taking him to his first concert, all the time trying to give high 5's to the little ones. One more educational quote from Cornell before we leave, he tells the audience to make some noise, so I tell the kids scream as loud as you want. So they happily let it rip they scream,cheer and clap.
"This is a f*#king hockey arena, lets make some noise" Cornell screams.
"I want to go home dad" replies my son.
I think we will wait a few more years til the next one.


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Mama Dawg said...

That's a trip. I went to my first concert when I was 9 and it was to see Lionel Richie. For real.

I wish I had been cooler.

jerlyn said...

Ok, so I'm a little late. I still
think I should have my tazer. I could go with you guys to these things!