Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Evil lives on in the form of Wii fit!!!

I was shopping at Toys R (can't make the R go backwards sorry!) Us the other day with my husband and on the way a lady was handing out $10 gift cards, as I reached to grab it I realized that you needed to spend $75 to get it. I smiled and said no thanks, after all I was only buying a birthday present for a friends child. As I turned to say something to the hubby he wasn't there?? I turned to see him taking the gift card from the lady.
"What are you doing" I yelled, I tend to get a bit dramatic at times, only for the fun of it though.
"I might spend $75" my husband replied.......
More dramatic reactions
So we head over to the electronics department after finding the perfect gift with over a 1000 stickers, and also art to go on the windows. This is only amusing to those who know my friend "C" he he he. . Then my husband turns to me and says. "We should buy your Christmas present now and you can go run back to the gift card lady and get another one
Horrified I stared at him. "what the hell" more drama "I don't want my christmas present in November, where is the fun in that" I whinned.
AND I am so not going back to the gift card lady who saw me only moments ago yelling at my hubby for getting one. Anyways on with the story, I had a moment of realization, wait, hubby and I are going to Mexico at the end of January......If I get the Wii Fit now I can be somewhat in shape by then, (Damn husband and his logical thinking)and I won't look like a chunky pasty white tattooed North American invading their country to lie on my ass for a week drunk and burnt. So with any luck I will just show up a pasty white tattooed North American. So back to the whole point of where I was going with the story, as I was standing in the line up I heard the cashier ask someone if they got a gift card at the door. Score! I got one anyway! I got home and set up my Wii fit! Whoo hoo. I start off with some Yoga poses, easy, move on to some balance games,Piece of cake, then on to Arobics, fun. Then I went on to strengthening exercises, a little tough but whatever I am the Fitness Queen. After about 45 minutes I decide thats enough for the day have to get other things done.
Skip ahead to next morning.
I wake up feeling great until I try to get out of bed, 1st thing I notice is the intense pain running down my thigh muscles as I try to bend my legs to get out of bed, the pain so bad I didn't realize the insane pain in my abs as I finally straightened out. WTF I thought I was in some what good shape!! WRONG, guess I used a whole bunch of muscles that I hadn't in awhile..... The I realized with horror that in order for it to get better I had to do it again, so I trudged upstairs, 14 painful excrusiating steps. Hopped on the wii board only to have my personal trainer tell me that I had gained 1.5 pounds since yesterday, and I should be careful with my afternoon snacks. Are you kidding me. You smug bastard, you should be thankful I even came back. Damn you. I am heading back downstairs to eat some more halloween candy!


Captain Dumbass said...

Hmm, I was thinking of getting one of those. Being fat sounds a lot easier and less painful

Mama Dawg said...

I would have totally thrown my shoes at the TV. And then gone downstairs and ate a dozen Krispie Kremes.