Thursday, October 9, 2008

many sides of "Pink Death"

Ok, first let me say I don't let my kids play with guns, so I'm not even sure where this one came from, obviously the boy got it through security(make note, go after the boy) Anyways when I saw her running around the back yard looking like a lil gangster, I did what every mom with a camera and a blog does...."wait there honey don't move" click click click. So today we had to drug the little monkey to get her tooth pulled. everything went well, she was just sleepy looking, and really could have cared less what the dentist was doing!! So the below shot is her after her drugs looking calm and peaceful. Sorry Chad no video, but I do have a wonderful quote from her while the drugs were still working
She had major gas.....seriously. Anyways I asked her if she had to go to the bathroom. She looked at me and replied "My bum was holding it's breath but sometimes it has to breathe"

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