Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sorry but I need to bitch a little!!!

Ok, So I had do two 24 hour shifts last week(yes 24) so I screwed up my neck, making me go back to the evil chiropactor, who in the past 3 years has taken about $3000 of my hard earned money....anyways where was I, oh yes sore neck.
This weekend my husband was digging a trench for our hot tub cable wire thingy....whatever, point being he had to remove the stairs that are outside leading to the you know where this is going yet. Now if you have read my other blogs(which you haven't cause my blog is sad and lonely) anyways I have a dog that barks at everything, so the other day I was hanging out on my heating pad drugged up on Robax platnuim when the beast started barking, so what do I do, go run over to the door to yell at the dog. When I went to step out onto the platform that is usually there, It's not, so I fall down onto a pile of dirt. Now I am even more pissed at the dog, who decides to make a break for the door jumping over me and spraying me with dirt....another visit to the chiropractor.
So you think after that I would take it easy....but no I have decided to paint my kitchen, so yesterday I did all the cleaning,sanding,priming.....7 hours worth, with my throbing neck. Then it occured to me.....Fuck! I have company coming (my brother, the only reader of my blog) Why did I decide to paint my kitchen?? especially when I have another 24h shift tomorrow, make that a 30 hr shift,forgot my boss will be a few hours late. This is the time when the sad eyes and a small pout, maybe even a single tear, while I hold my neck and wince "Honey could you finish this for me"

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Captain Dumbass said...

That's worth a little bitching. And I totally didn't laugh when I knew what was going to happen.