Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just for you Chad !!!

Well, just in case Liam and Conner are not still chanting "peanut butter jelly time" here is a friendly reminder......Craig made this last night, and we laughed the whole time HA HA HA!!!!! Now the video is even better cause they are the stars! So make sure they see this, otherwise they are going to get it on DVD (EXTENDED VERSION) for Christmas! Cheers brother!

Now that I got the evil out, It was good to see you guys, hope you had a good visit. I'll send you some of the pictures we took outside, they turned out great(well I guess you seen some in the video) chow


steenky bee said...

YOU'RE the CHAD'S Sister? Oh, he must have tortured you growing up. Wow. I have so many questions, but I'm terribly afraid to ask.

Thanks for stopping by! An friend, or relative, of the Captain is a friend of mine!

Krystal said...

Oh this was so totally worth having the Captain share your blog with us!! The video was awesome and so totally creative!! (yeah, I write totally alot) don't you just love being a sister? It makes torturing sibling males all the more fun!!

jerlyn said...

You guys are the Next Video
Producers, think you've created some new Stars.
If they (Cpt. Dumbass and
Supreme Leader think they'll forget, don't worry
Nana will phone and sing it for them. This is first
time I've found your blog.
Would you ad us to your list!

ciara said...

ha ha what a cute way to torture a brother! :)