Thursday, October 30, 2008

And now the Award for Parents of the Year!!!!

My hubby and I bought tickets for David Copperfield in August and managed to keep it a secret until last night, the picture above is the kids realizing what the tickets are for. We didn't tell the kids ahead of time because they are extremely imaginative, if they knew in advance they would have googled or you tubed the mans entire career and every trick he has ever done, the boy, would have probably figured out a few of them as well. So we let them know an hour before the show where we were going!

Here's a shot of Mikayla having heart palpitations after finding out! During the show frisbees were thrown into the audience for volunteers, Mikayla caught one and was super excited, but I had to tell her you have to be 18 or older, a little pissed she reluctantly handed the frisbee to me..then my inner stage fright kicked in...well it's not so much of stage fright as it was to be seen on a freaking enormous televison screen on the stage, so I quickly handed it to my husband. He had to stand on stage and hold a key.......not sure why they needed 6 people to all hold keys??? Then he had to stand around in a circle with the others while he(David Copperfield) made a car appear on the stage. All and All the kids enjoyed the show, which is all that mattered!

Here's Dakoda aka the boy.

Now for my rant. They show was awesome for the kids, they had never seen a magician before so for the first time David Copperfield was pretty damn impressive. We got there 1/2 hour early to sit and watch an oversized tv screen that had the same 10 or so facts about him that ran over and over again, the show started 15 minutes late, followed by a movie showing how famous he is and people from the TV media saying his name in different shows, yawn! then he did a small trick then another video of him doing another one of his tricks, Seriously, I paid $100 a ticket to watch videos I could see on you tube? Now don't get me wrong some of the things he does are amazing(going through a steel plate,huge fan, making a car appear on stage) but It was the exact same show I saw 5 years ago at the MGM Grand! seriously, word for word, joke for joke. On another note, we were really close to the stage (row 7) and for half the show the kids had their hands over their ears, it was overly loud I thought........we will see how they do at the Chris Cornell concert!!!!!!


steenky bee said...

Whoa, David Copperfield? Seriously? Also, if your brother truly loves you wouldn't he have commented over here? What's his deal? Also, I totally knew he got the camera model wrong. Thanks for correcting his sorry ass. You seem like an awesome sister. Can I borrow some of your clothes? Isn't that was sisters do?

Melanie D said...

You can borrow my clothes any time! As for my brother he steals little girls library books, and laughs as my daughter gets in trouble at school for not having her book......he's a little evil...BTW Chad, I told Mik you stole her book....she's pissed!!! lol

Captain Dumbass said...

I'd prefer it if you two don't talk.

Mama Dawg said...

Dammit, Steenky Bee the stalker extraordinaire beat me to being your first stalker.

Damn you Steenky Bee.

Guess I'll have to settle for the stalker #2 position....again.

Thanks Capt for turning your sister on to blogging. Now Steeky and I can send private e-mails to each other over-analying your family dynamic.

Fun times ahead.

Captain Dumbass said...

Mel, seriously, you need to stop blogging. Try knitting or something.