Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's my 99th post, and my big brother has agreed to guest blog for me for my big 100th, you may know him as Captain Dumbass (he's big in Utah) anyways he and his lovely family were up for the weekend. We had a awesome visit and got the whole family together for a BBQ.

Here'a picture of the Captain and the youngest dumbass showing how excited they are that I asked him to guest blog.......also have to add that moments after I took this picture the little dumbass sneezed and sprayed my face with his tiny toddler nice!

Here's the whole fam, minus the kids, they had their own photo shoot!


Dana's Brain said...

Yay for family get-togethers! (Too bad about the toddler germs though.)

"He's big in Utah" made me totally crack up! Congrats on the 99!

Staci said...

That looks like a really good time! (except for germy thing)

Congrats in advance for 100 posts.

Captain Dumbass said...

Wait. I agreed to what?

jerlyn said...

wonderful family! Mr. C. is now
the Salmon King as far as we're concerned!