Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The eye of the tiger RTT

Random Tuesday....Again!! Didn't we just do this??? Is it me or are the weeks going by extremely fast. Now it's Tuesday again and yes I know they are random thoughts, but I've got nothing!!! seriously!!! I feel pressured to come up with something witty and smart, funny or interesting. Well sorry but I have nothing, maybe I should have saved my brother's birthday post for today. So lets see if I can come up with something.
I got a new lawn mower. It's bright green (my husband broke the old one by mowing over a stump from a tree that we lost to the pine beetle last year(whole other story) anyways I had to go by a new one and I picked the bright shinny green one!

Ok I have had this video of my kids for quite some time It was too big of a file so It has taken me awhile to shrink it........ Now there is a spot in the middle where it goes dark, I don't know why it goes dark, it doesn't really matter I am just telling you so you don't think, shitty video, what's going on? Is it over? So you know, it's short, get over it!!!! Also my son tends to wail on the drums, so they are loud, I need to buy the little covers that go over them so they aren't so loud!!

Mik's version of Roxanne

Rocking to Metallica!

So click on the button join in on the fun!!!!!


GreenJello said...

We just bought a new lawnmower-- a push reel mower. :)

Captain Dumbass said...

I love my little niece and nephew.

Have you seen the ad for Beatles Rock Band?

jerlyn said...

happy grass cutting!
ps. my grandchildren are SO
Lookout Canadian Idol 2016!