Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 142 Birthday to our country!!!!
This is my 100th post so I thought I would save it for today, now If I really had planned this out well I would have made it my 142! But seeing how I would have had to come up with 42 posts in a week and half.....well I'm thinking no.....Eh! So I did have my 100th post on which my brother Captain Dumbass guest posted for me,but someone made the comment on how it really wasn't my 100th post cause I didn't write it....sooooo Here it is. Thought I would save it for Canada Day! So I thought I would share with you a few things that were invented or made in our awesome country

-Stanley Cup
-Washing Machine
-Snow Plow,Snow Mobile,Snow Blower....Fuck I think we invented snow!
-Retractable Beer Carton Handle
-Roller Skates
-Light Bulb
-Ear piercer
-Electric Wheel chair
-Goalie Mask
-Jolly Jumper
-Panoramic Camera
Among many other things

HA HA I love that song! Anyways Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian bloggers out there!


jerlyn said...

Love it, love it, know that song
will be playing in my head for
days to come.
Happy 100th to u and 142nd to Canada!

jiggins said...

"The telephone was invented by Alexander Gram Bell in Brant ford, Ontario, Canada - which is now known as "the telephone city" i never knew!

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