Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts. Manboobs and Sperm?


Yay, I decided to join Random Tuesday Thoughts!! I am slowly moving up in the world of blogging, if it wasn't for my brother Captain Dumbass I would be lost, I am constantly emailing him asking him blogging questions so the bloggers of the world don't know that I know nothing about it....oops I guess they do now. So even though he says mean things about me on his blog he has been very helpful. So Random thoughts hmmmmmm. Here's one. Yesterday while I was getting a coffee at Tim Hortons my daughter was commenting on a picture of a man without a shirt, saying that it was gross that you could see his boobs, to which I replied "men don't have boobs so it's ok if their shirts are off." At this point my son asks me "Well what are manboobs then?" Ummm ok, some men do have boobs I guess, but it's not the same thing.......To which he replied "I'm never gone have manboobs"
Man I love my conversations with my kids, for example a while back while at the dinner table we were discussing babies. My daughter told me that she was going to have a baby, to which I replied "Uhhh maybe when your like 30!!!!!!" And then my dear son pipes up "Yay, and you can't have a baby cause you don't have sperm!!!" Could we please not talk about sperm at the dinner table? I guess it's time for "the talk".
I am lost right now, I got home from a vacation and headed upstairs to have a workout on my beloved Wii fit, I was looking forward to seeing my trainer. So I hopped on and it told me to stop figiting and try again.. What??? I am not moving you idiot!! So I stepped off and got back on and stood as still as possible....again it told me to stop figiting, which at this point I am starting to get angry...... apperantly while I was away it some how managed to get broken. Now I am completely lost, I loved my Wii fit. What am I to do?????? Will Nintendo give me a new one? or am I screwed and have to go back to working out the old fashion way, trying to do yoga poses while craning my neck to see if the pose is right on my computer! AGHHHHHHH
Is that Random enough?


Keely said...

Honestly, I've never understood why men with 'moobs' can get away without wearing a shirt. Totally unfair.

Uh, not that I would want to go shirtless. Of course not. Don't be silly.

Captain Dumbass said...

I didn't get on the Fit today because my knee hurt.

Yes it did!

Chris said...

Random enough for me =D

LOL @ Captain Dumbass's comment.
Did so. Did not. Did so.

Ahh... brotherly love.

cIII said...

That was some delicious Randomness.

jerlyn said...

Honest, I never hurt your Wii.
I got on it and it told me I weighed 38 lbs. I figured there
was something wrong. But I'll help
you pay to get in repaired! Maybe
it can be fixed without going back to manufacturer.

re the kids conversations, it's good to write down the things they say, as they are priceless. I'll
never forget, boy child at 3, telling me "when I close my eyes I see you in my heart." Course
then there was girl child who told me I had a "happy face under my chin."

Mama Dawg said...

I've been hearing about a bunch of people's wii's and wii fits getting broken. What's up with that?