Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 2: Tequila,swim up bars, sun= not so good feeling

Day 2

We woke up feeling better after a 12 hour sleep and headed over to the buffet for some breakfast. I think I gained 10 lbs on this trip, the food was amazing, and I usually don't eat breakfast or lunch but there was just too much to choose from. After breakfast we had a meeting with our rep from the airlines. They inform you of things you should know info about the hotels, how much to tip, trips to take, ect. After that we decided to book a few tours. We chose the Coba Adventure and Delphinus . After we booked our tours we thought today would be a good day to just hang out at the resort and check out the pools.
Here's a shot of the pool bar, where we decided to spend the day. After a few drinks the bartender poured us tequila shots.. we met some cool people and hung out for most of the day, more tequila shots. Now I am not quite sure how much time had passed but I do remember getting out of the pool to use the washroom and the ground wouldn't stay still, which made it quite difficult to walk. It's funny how when you are submerged in cool water on a hot day drinking for hours you don't notice it. Now I'm quite sure how we made it back to our room, but we did. We woke up in our room around 5pm. Now let me tell you, I didn't feel so great then, but I thought hey! I have my hangover now. So I will be fine tomorrow for our all day adventure........ummm not so much. The hubby, who didn't do as many tequila shots as me felt fine and wanted to head off to dinner. So away we went. on our way there while walking along a jungle path everything went black. I momentarily thought it was me until I heard other people gasping, some cheering and lots of cell phones being turned on everywhere. So there we stood in complete darkness, now you can wait for your eyes to adjust and then contine walking very carefully or you can stay put until it comes back on, which I chose to do. It only lasted a few minutes then we headed off to the buffet. Now at this point in time I feel like death, so the last thing I want to do is eat, or sit in a giant room filled with hundreads of other people stuffing their faces. So I sat quietly, waiting for my husband to finish his dinner so I could go back to my room and slip into a coma until the next morning. Needless to say, there was much I was going to do that evening, so I went back to the room and passed out hoping I would feel better by 8am when our van was picking us up to go to Coba........................................

Here are a few pictures taken around the hotel

Here's me and my man on the beach

Here's a shot of the beach

The view from our room