Monday, March 23, 2009

Is Spring really here....or another cruel joke from Mother Nature

This morning it is a balmy -4 C ( 25F)but it is supposed to reach 12C(58F) today. Is spring actually going to show up???? This weekend we got the kiddies out for some fresh air down to the beach by our house, and yes a body did wash up on the shore recently but hey what can you do? It was gone by the time we got there.
The kids getting some air time!
Montana waiting patiently for the ball to be thrown

Then Sunday it was off to the skate park with my son, we had to be there at 9am because the place gets filled with kids fast, and my son is just learning and it's pretty hard with 20-30 teenagers around.
Here's the boy doing a 1 wheel manual(as he informs me)


Mama Dawg said...

What a wonderful day. I love the beach pics!

mo.stoneskin said...

It's summer for us already, beer, sun, pub lunches out in the sun, the lot!

Chris said...

Those are great pictures. I am SOOO ready for spring!! I swear Mother Nature just keeps teasing us.

That picture of the boy with hang time... that really creeps me out. Mainly because you mentioned dead bodies washing up onto shore.. and I swear that looks like an arm on the ground.

Melanie D said...

ha ha too funny, it's actually a big log!

Asphodel said...

Aw I love Montanas expression!!!

jerlyn said...

who's doing that graffitti?
Awesome pictures, you are a super

-5 here this morning, spring's still a little while off.