Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Disco guy,Mullets and Stalkers!!


This is my second week and again it will be about my kids, because hey, they give me almost all my material.
So on Sunday my daughter was playing on the computer, she jumped off the chair to run into the living room not knowing her foot was caught up in her pant leg. DOH! so I ran over and sat her down on the couch to check for blood,broken bones, or any other problems. She is screaming,crying and then all of a sudden she breaks into hysterical laughter and can't stop. So of course I think she has hit her head. So I ask her what she is laughing at.
Me: Are you ok, what's the matter?
Mik: I'm just thinking of Disco guy.*laughter*
Me: Disco guy, what the heck are you talking about?Did you hit your head?
Mik: No *laughter* disco guy *crazy laughter * from the bus stop
Me: I don't understand?
Mik *laughter* There was a disco guy at the bus stop who gave a thumbs up to the bus driver then did a little dance * more crazy laughter*
Me: Ok......
Mik: I just think of him whenever I am sad or hurt and he makes me laugh!
Me: Whatever works for ya!
Then she is off running and the fall is forgotten.

Then onto my son. He is obsessed with his hair, he wants to try new things with it. Unfortunately he has inherited my semi afro like hair. You know the kind that grows out before it grows down. So last week he wanted to shave his head except for his bangs........ummmm No
Then he wanted to grow it long, I tried to explain to him that his hair just won't do that. Now this week he has been talking about a mullet!!! AHHHHHHHH What's a mom to do!!

Also I have a friend who is a blog stalker......you know I am talking about you C. She needs to get on board and start blogging!!!! stalker!


Captain Dumbass said...

So him so pictures of his uncle Aaron and ask him if he really wants a Kamloops waterfall.

Cheryl . Lee said...

Ok, there you have it. I am publicly following your blog. Stalker has come out of hiding...I have to tell you, I was so flattered that you mentioned me in your post. I went straight on to blogger, retrieved my long lost password, and then blussed at my silly, pittyful, lonely post. You'll need to teach me a trick or two about blogging. Don't worry, my blog will never be as cool (or interesting) as yours.. :)
Hello there all of Melanie's followers...I am the stalker. BTW- US and Them...I am stalking you too..

Chris said...

Business in the front.. Party in the back. LOL

That reminds me of an episode of Hannah Montana (shut it!! I have too many kids to avoid that stupid show) where they went back in time and Goober Ray Cyrus had a mullet. The kids all fell over, dying laughing at his hair. I had to explain to them that that's how his hair REALLY looked way back then. I think they all lost a little respect for him that day. LOL

Now.. I'm off to harass Cheryl. Mwahahahaa

Chris said...

Forgot to comment on the laughter.. That's awesome. I'm sure it was scary for YOU, but that's just awesome.

Cheryl . Lee said...

Oh, and sorry, I meant Captain Dumbass ... I was stalking you..

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Isn't it funny how they can go from heart wrenching pitiful cries to laughter in mere seconds? Princess Nagger does that often...though she hasn't seen a disco man yet...that would probably make me laugh too! ;) I'll be curious to see what the final decision on your son's hair is... ;)

Happy RTT! :)

Keely said...

I really want a Disco Guy memory. I need hysterical laughter whenever I feel like crap.

Happy Tuesday!

jerlyn said...

Cpt. Dumbass should talk about a waterfall, remember his long locks
hanging down covering half his face.

Little girl makes world a happier
place, good on her for finding a
way to deal with hurt.

As for D. he's one cool dude.
(will see if goes Dad's way,
long hair, or Mom's 101 shades.
Ah, kids become teens now way before 13.