Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Days 4 & 5 hanging at the hotel, Playa Del Carmen

I'm back, my computer was being funny and wouldn't let me access my photos, and I didn't want to blog without them.....so here we go.

Day 4: After our day at Coba we were exhausted, every time I had to go up or down a flight of stairs I thought the muscles in my thighs were going to snap, hadn't climbed many pyramids before yesterday so my legs were hurting a little. So we decided to hang around the hotel today and just relax. We wandered to the front of the hotel to get a picture of the entrance wayWhile we were wandering around we found a lagoon hidden behind some buildings. This was originally supposed to be the side we were staying on and would have been our view, but when we got there they asked if we wanted and ocean view so we chose that instead, here are a few pictures from the lagoon.We decided to check out the lazy river, it was a long pool that you could float along on a tube, I only got a picture of it at night but you can see it...
I think my favorite part of the lazy river was watching people try to get in onto their tubes gracefully.....not so much, almost everyone flipped theirs over first, which was funnier than hell!!!! HA, that's why I made my man hold onto mine while I got on.

Day 5:
We decided to be adventurous today and took a bus into Playa Del Carmen to do some shopping, by bus I mean a 12 passenger van, which they packed you into like sardines, it was a 45 minute bus ride. When we got there they stopped in some back alley to let off some locals, I thought this was were we were supposed to get off, I was a little scared, but then the bus driver informed me that this wasn't my stop....phew! So on we went to "5th Avenue". It was around 30 c that day, so the second we got off our air conditoned van it was like stepping into an oven, an oven full of people yelling at you to buy there stuff and come to their store.While we were there my hubby and I were looking at some things in this one shop when this guy walked up behind us
Dude #1: Hey man are you holding any blow?
Dude #2 No man, it sucks I'm dry.....
This is the point where my husband and I put down the items we were looking at and walked away.
After that we shopped some more then took a cab back to the safety of our resort. One more picture I forgot to add from the Mayan Village, well I think it speaks for itself....classy!


Mama Dawg said...

Geez Louise. That place is incredible. Screw Disney this year, I'm going there!

Libby said...

Sounds like you're having a good vacation so far. How do you like the Sirenis? I'm lucky enough to live in Playa del Carmen. It is actually very safe. I feel much safer here than I did when I lived in Chicago. Unfortunately, the area that most resort tourists get dropped off in, where the vendors harass you, is the worst part of 5th Avenue. I avoid that area at all costs. It's not unsafe; it's just annoying and all the shops sell the same cheap trinkets. Go further north, and it gets much nicer and more interesting. Have a great rest of your trip!

Melanie D said...

I loved the Sirenis, very beautiful place. Libby you are very lucky to live there, it is a unbelievable place, and the people are so friendly! If it wasn't for missing my children at home I would have loved to stay. I wish I would have had some inside tips where to go, before I had went there, all we seen in Playa del Carmen was 5th ave, would have loved to seen more

jerlyn said...

What do you mean I ignore your blogs. I go there, I add comments.
I love seeing the pictures from
warm, beautiful, far away Carribean, I'm not jealous, well
maybe a little, but kids and I had
great fun. Next time you go you
should take a "nana" along, so you
two can still have time on your own.
I just happen to know that might be available