Sunday, March 15, 2009

A house full of Dumbass's

Captain Dumbass that is( Us and Them,) and his clan. They arrived on Friday, after hours of driving and the littlest dumbass getting angry at the captain for apparently not driving at the speed of sound to get here fast enough!!! We had some good times, a few tears, one of my favorite moments was when the littlest dumbass pointed a spaceship he created at my husband and pretended to shoot him, now my husband, forgeting he was dealing with a 3 year old thought he would be funny and ripped off the gun off his spaceship(made from connects, building toys) Well that was it, Little dumbass threw the ship to the ground and pointed his tiny little finger at my husband and shouted "I don't like you, you broke my gun." Now the rest of us were trying to contain our giggles, as the little dumbass verbally abused my husband in a rage of tears, yelling that it was not funny!!!!!
Then later in a quieter moment the little dumbass climbed up on my lap and told me he loved me, and he loved the star wars spaceship I got him, then he proceeded to fart on my leg....gotta love kids.

Here is a picture of Captain Dumbass, the little dumbass's and my 2 kids, in one of the only quiet moments.
All and all we had a great time, dinner for 12 on Friday night and dinner for 13 on Saturday night, only thing missing was my dad who couldn't make it it. It was fun sitting around with my brothers and scaring our significant others with our disturbing,amazing,sometimes terrifying childhood's stories like these we release in small doses......we don't want to scare them off!!!!


Mama Dawg said...

You know you gotta share the stories, right?

Momma Trish said...

My 3-year old acts just like your nephew!

Glad a good visit is going on.

Captain Dumbass said...

I'd really, REALLY like to thank Miki for teaching "booooooring" to Connor. That was great. Really. Great.

Asphodel said...

Hahaha a candid shot of the captain himself! Great pic, adorable kiddies!

Chris said...

I'm with Mama Dawg - You gotta share. LOL