Sunday, April 26, 2009

Create your caption Round 2!!!

So this weekend was pretty much useless..... Since my knee looks like a football there is not too much I can do. Saturday I lazed around doing nothing and today I had to take my 1st aid course because it has been 3 years. So like I said not too much excitement, I did however capture this great photo. This one is of my aquarium, as soon as I saw this picture the first thing that came to my mind was......OH SHIT!!!! click on the picture to see it full size, to really capture the feeling in that poor little bugger!!
So what do you think...................

Also just had to throw this one in. My husband went to Costco Saturday to get some steaks for dinner tonight, so I took this shot of my daughter.

That's my sweet little carnivore. I realized I need to take some more pictures of my son, but seeing how he is an active 9 year old boy, he is never home.....
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!