Tuesday, April 14, 2009

renovating,easter eggs, Gramma killed the Easter Bunny!


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So my house is a disaster area right now due to renovating, I have half my book collection spread out across my kitchen counters and a 6ft tall book shelf right in the middle of the kitchen,which is now being used to store stuff. Anyhow while we were planning on redoing the living room floor I got the bright idea to paint my daughters room. So she and all her clothes,bed,toys have been relocated into her brothers room. I was hoping to have her back in her room by today, but haven't even started painting yet!!!
Someone on our street had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard so we wandered down there. I had to laugh as my daughter ran as fast as she could scooped up eggs screaming "We are winning, Dakoda, we're winning!!!!" I had to politely remind her that it was not a competition!
Sunday night we went to my mother in laws for dinner. As we were sitting down to eat my mother in law was handing out napkins for dinner(which happened to be red) so she looks at my daughter and says "They are red because I killed the Easter bunny"
Well this might of been funny if the person she was telling it to didn't still believe in the Easter bunny!!! My daughter stared at her for a moment with a shocked confused face, til gramma started laughing and telling her she was kidding...so not funny! Then later while they were dancing in the living room...

Gramma: shake your boobies
Me: WTF? What the hell did you just say to my daughter
Gramma: You know, shake your boobies....like the song!
Me: What song are you talking about?
Gramma: You know, shake,shake,shake, shake your boobies!
Me: ummmm that would be shake your BOOTY!!!!!

Monday we went to the wildlife park, when we got there it was hailing, seriously hail in April? Whatever. It stopped shortly after, so all and all it was a good day. Here are some Easter Weekend photos

Here's a picture of the kids at the Wildlife Park in the hail!

The family at Easter Dinner!

My daughter with all the Easter loot, and she had her face painted at the Wildlife Park!


GreenJello said...

My 2 year old niece will sing, "Shake your boody" and wiggle her butt. It's so cute!

Cheryl . Lee said...

OMG!!! Too funny!!! Really, really funny!!!!!!!!! I can just picture Mik's face...and R thinking she was being funny! Only, this time, she was!! (Got to love my eastern sence of humor!) And shake your boobies!!!!! HAHAHAHAH
Sounds like chaos in your house- let me know if u need any help! I can bring the pack- n-play down and help out!! Seriously! I am free Thurs and Fri!!!
Thanks for the good laugh!

Mama Dawg said...

Holy shmoly, look at all that loot!

Amy Platon said...

Ahh, rennovating. I'm about to start my kitchen project. Here's the photo of what the finished product should look like if you're interested. http://writer4rent.blogspot.com/2009/04/do-you-hear-that-in-case-you-cant-make.html

blueviolet@A Nut in a Nutshell said...

That's a lot of Easter candy!

Captain Dumbass said...

Your shirt and Craig's weirdly blend.

steenky bee said...

I don't want anyone to ever ask me to shake my boobies, mistake or not. I'm now adding this to my long list of things that I am terrified of happening. This goes somewhere between someone cutting my achillies tendons as their hiding under my bed and choking on a marshmallow, AGAIN.

Keely said...

Holy crap that is a LOT of loot!

Swoozie said...

Cripe! That's alot of goodies!

And OMIGOSH! Grandma told her that she killed the Easter Bunny?! That makes my jaw drop ------ I say "way to go MIL!" (thimbs down for Grammy!)

ModernMom said...

Renovating..spring cleaning...why does it always feel like it gets worse before it gets better!

Great pictures. I love the one of your DD and all her loot!

jerlyn said...

I LOVE those pictures, send me them will you?